Why You Should Do the 40 Day Challenge

40 Day Challenge

We are halfway through the month of January, which means everyone at CFG should be getting focused for the annual 40 Day Challenge. Maybe you are new to CFG and are not sure exactly what it is.

So what is it?

January 18th – February 26th the box will have its 40 Day Challenge that is broken up into two categories:

(1) Weight Loss

(2) Performance

On January 18th every CrossFit Gardendale athlete will do a baseline workout and baseline skill(s) and your totals will be recorded. If you enter the weight loss contest then you will also be measured using the state of the art BOD POD.

****Important side note**** The baseline workout will be the WOD for all CFG athletes so you might as well get in on the fun because you are already doing the workout anyway!

Over the next 40 days you will commit to clean and healthy eating and putting in the work at the gym with your fellow friends and CFG community. At the end of the 40 days you will be tested again on the baseline workout to see your improvements as well as enter the BOD POD again for your forty day results. From this a Male and Female winner in each division will be crowned based on percentage of change in the athlete’s results.

So why do it?

1. It’s a way to kick start your New Year’s Resolution!

Did you set a resolution to lose weight? What about to lift heavier, finally get double unders, or improve your cardio? During the course of the contest you will improve on key areas in CrossFit. Last year I improved my snatch weight by 10lbs during the contest and did one full round more on the baseline test…all of this in just 40 DAYS! The winner of the weight loss competitions results were incredible! Tim lost 17.8 pounds, 8.5 inches and reduced his body fat by 6.7%! Lisa Crane lost 10.8 pounds and 6.75 inches!

Again…IN JUST 40 DAYS!

2. A lot of your friends and fellow CFG athletes will be doing it.

Not all peer pressure is bad. Over the next 40 days you will be influenced by positive peer pressure. You will be encouraged by other participants as well as driven by your desire to compete! We all want to see each other succeed in the gym, that’s what makes CrossFit Gardendale special. During the challenge you will have 160+ cheerleaders hoping you succeed, while at the same time hoping THEY succeed just a little bit more 😉

3. PRIZES!!!!

Of course there will be winners! Who doesn’t want a free month of CrossFit?! The winner of each division will receive a free month of CFG, a free ON-RAMP for anyone you want to give it to, and a bag of SFH Protein. That adds up to $345 worth of prizes on top of the proven results.

It really is a fun forty days and it really will jump start your health and fitness goals for the year. Knowing that you will be tested by the work you put into the forty days is extra motivation to do your very best through the challenge.

Weight Loss: $75

Performance w/ BOD POD: $75

Performance: $25

***times for BOD POD are 8:00am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-6:00pm on Friday, January 15th***

The 40 Day Challenge ends with a party (Date/Time-TBA) where the winners are announced and we all celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved!

So when you go to the box today, sign up for the 40 Day Challenge and tell them that they guy with the cool socks sent ya!