7 Reasons Why You Need a Rest Day

Why You Need a Rest Day? When is the last time you took a rest day? Did you do so because you had to or because you wanted to improve your performance? Most people think that rest days, although necessary, decrease your performance and set back your progress. In fact, quite the opposite is true. They are important for many reasons and can actually help improve your performance. If you are looking for an excuse for your next rest day, these seven reasons are exactly what you need to hear:

Why You Need a Rest Day

1. Muscle Recovery

One of the most important aspects of a rest day is muscle recovery. If you have been consistently working out and building your muscles, they need rest to recover and rebuild the tissue. This will allow you to maximize your performance when you do get back to the WODs.

2. Mindset Shift

Consecutive days of working out with no break can easily make it hard for even the most dedicated athletes to find the motivation they need. When you take a break, you are not only giving your muscles time to recover, but you are giving your mind time to recover so it can aid in your performance.

3. Avoid Burnout

It is easy to get burnt out both mentally and physically with no days for resting. A well-timed rest day allows you to focus on other things you enjoy and get back to your regular routine with excitement and energy.

4. Injury Prevention

Overworking your muscles is one way you can get hurt or injured easily. Rest days ensure that your body has the energy and nutrients it needs to perform at its best and free of injuries. When your body is fatigue, you are much more vulnerable to an injury. Taking one rest day to avoid an injury is preferable to many days off recovering from an injury that could have been prevented.

5. Alternative Exercises

Every so often, it is nice to get out of the box and engage in alternate forms of exercise that you enjoy. Whether it is going for a walk, hike, bike ride, or swim, these are fun ways to spend your rest days and still get active, while not requiring the same level of energy of a WOD.

6. Boost Performance

Rest and recovery are absolutely vital to boosting your performance. Without rest days, your body would quickly tire and run out of energy, not allowing you to reach peak performance. Boost your performance by being well rested and energized when you head to your next WOD.

7. Improve Sleep

A rest day will allow you to catch up on your sleep, which is a vital component of your overall health and ability to perform in your workouts each day.

The next time you take a rest day, think of all of the amazing benefits you are reaping and get back to your workout more motivated than before.