Why I Love CFG

Why I Love CFG: If you would have told me three years ago that I would love working out I would have laughed in your face. I probably would have turned around to see if there was someone behind me then sarcastically said “Who, me?” Even thinking back to my first work out where I sat on the curb dry heaving and thinking to myself that I had just wasted $150…DEFINITELY then I would have said you were crazy…but the truth is, three years later I love working out, but why? The answer is simple, I love working out because I love CrossFit Gardendale.

Here’s why:

1. Results

You will see results in your body, your weight, and your strength as continue your journey at CFG. Not only will you lose weight but you will get stronger in the process. Each year we set goals that we want to accomplish in the year with our fitness and the gym celebrates with each individual as they accomplish goals. One of my favorite things about CFG is that there are results each day at the end of a workout. When you are done, you walk to the whiteboard and you tell the coach your results and you know exactly where you are. What I love is when we do the same workout again several months later and my reps have increased or my time has been shaved down. If you stick with CrossFit you will lose weight (if that’s the goal) and/or you will get stronger. The proof is in the results.

2. Community

I can confidently say that CrossFit Gardendale is home to some of my closest friends. Most of the people at the box I did not even know three years ago but am extremely grateful that they are now in my life. Why? Because we are all on a journey together. We are all wanting to live healthier lifestyles, we are all wanting to see each other succeed every workout, we are cheering for each other to accomplish goals in the gym and it has overflowed into us cheering for each other outside of the gym as well. Not only do I cheer for friends to clean and jerk more weight, but now I cheer for friends who are becoming parents, who get promotions at work, or become smoke divers (congrats fellas). We are not just people who work out together but are invested in each others’ lives. We laugh together, we cry together. We celebrate together, and we mourn together. We really are family.

The sense of community at CrossFit Gardendale extends far beyond the walls of the gym. It’s a bond that connects us, not just during our workouts, but in every aspect of our lives. This community has created an environment where everyone feels accepted and supported, regardless of their fitness level or background. It’s a place where friendships are formed over shared struggles and victories, where encouragement is the norm, and where everyone feels they belong.

3. Confidence

There have been days in the gym where I have failed. Days where I wanted to PR on my dead lift, days I wanted to beat people’s times on workouts and haven’t…but what I found out was that there was always gonna be another day to try and succeed. What I’ve realized is that yes, some days you fail, but then there are days you succeed and the success is worth the days of failing. CrossFit was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life…but I did it and I regained my health and that has given me all the confidence in the world to keep moving forward, keep trying, and keep dreaming in this life.

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