3 Reasons Why Competition is Good

Why Competition is Good

What inspires you to do what you do? Who pushes you to be better? Why Competition is Good? For many of us, a competitive nature not only propels us forward but connects us in a positive way with one another. Here’s how.

1. Competition motivates us.

Whether it’s improving your workout or beating your running partner’s time, your motivation to excel is boosted by competitive situations. We have more reason to do better when we have something to compare our progress to, whether it be our own or someone else’s.

2. Competition makes us better.

Every time you or someone else sets the bar higher, you have an opportunity to either take the challenge or stay where you are. Oftentimes that goal, no matter how impossible it may seem, becomes easier to reach for when we see someone else pressing towards the same thing.

3. Competition brings us together.

Doing hard things with one another, encouraging each other to be healthier–this is what the CFG community is all about! We compete with one another because we want to see not only ourselves but each other become stronger and more confident. At Crossfit Gardendale, your best competition is on your team.