Top Forgotten and Useful Features of SugarWOD

Everyone should by now know how to fist bump, comment and log your own workouts, but what features on SugarWOD could you be missing?

1.Percentage Calculator

What is harder than the workout? MATH! From figuring out how much weight is on the bar, counting your total reps to 20 percent of your max weight for a clean, Chad must think we all work for NASA! SugarWOD has you covered with the percentages aspect.

*Click on the wrench in the top left corner, and you will find a very simple percentage calculator.

2. Personal Records and Activity

Trying to improve means staying consistent. On SugarWOD if you click on the Me icon on the bottom of the app and scroll down, you can get an overview of your activity. You will also see two buttons that show your workout PRs (Personal Records) and your barbell PRs. Both of the PR sections give a good deal of data and will even show your history of improvement. Seeing your progress can really encourage you to stick with it.

*Click on the me icon at the bottom of the screen for an activity overview. Once in the me section you can select Workout PRs or Barbell PRs for more in-depth information.

3. Athletes and Coaches

So maybe they know it and maybe they don’t, but you compete with someone at the box everyday. You find their time on the board and you try to beat them. Unfortunately, you are getting killed by them each day…so what’s their secret? Check out their activity on SugarWOD by finding them under the athletes or coaches under whiteboard. You can research their improvement to encourage them or to push your self that much more!

*Click on the athletes or coaches at the bottom of the days workout. From there select the athlete or coach that you want to see.