The Healthy Eater’s Guide to Dining Out

Guide to Dining Out

A journey to reach your health and fitness goals does not mean the end of social events, having fun, and Guide to Dining Out to restaurants. All it takes is a few habit changes to be on your way to incorporating your healthy lifestyle into dining out. Use one or a few of these tips to get started.

Drink Water

If you are like most people, a few extra glasses of water per day could not hurt. Drinking water makes you feel more full and will ensure that you are not mistaking dehydration for hunger. Before you eat your meal, commit to drinking one full glass of water. Then, as you are eating, eat slowly and drink water throughout. This is a simple and healthy habit that you can incorporate every time you eat out to avoid overeating and remain hydrated.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Changes

Most restaurants are accommodating and flexible to your needs when they are able. Instead of simply ordering every dish standard, make small changes that fit your dietary needs and goals. A simple change starts with the sides. Next time you are dining out, instead of ordering a side of fries or chips, stick to fruits or vegetables. Making changes to the dish is also not an issue at most restaurants. If the salad comes with cheese and calorie-loaded dressings, ask for these on the side to use in moderation or substitute them with healthier options.

Ask for the To-Go Box Before Eating

This is one of the best ways to curb overeating and improve your dining out experience. Restaurants are notorious for having oversized portions. To combat the temptation of enjoying the entire plate in one sitting when dining out, ask for a carryout box before you even start your meal. Then, put half of the meal in the to-go box right away. Not only is this a great way to reduce the number of calories you consume at one time, but it is also a delicious treat for the next day. A win-win for your diet and happiness.

Fill Up On a Healthy Appetizer

Another option for staying on track with your fitness journey while enjoying a meal out is filling up on a healthy appetizer before the meal. Whether this is a salad, grilled vegetables, or fruit, this is a great way to feel full before jumping into your meal. When you get to the main course, enjoy what you are hungry for and take the rest home. You will feel great about not overeating and will have filled up on necessary nutrients, even while enjoying dining out.

By implementing one or all of these tricks into your restaurant experiences, you will be able to curb the impacts that can be associated with eating out. Enjoy the experiences and memories of being out with friends and family, without ruining your clean eating and fitness journey.