The Front Squat

Let’s talk Front Squats!  In CrossFit, we squat and then we squat some more!   Typically you will see more Front Squats programmed in your workouts than Back Squats.  A Front Squat seems like a simple movement until you try to do it correctly. The Front Squat is very technical and has key elements that must be followed in order to safely and efficiently perform the movement.  CrossFit has released a short video demonstrating the movement and reminding us of the key elements of a Front Squat.

Key Elements of a Front Squat:

  • Shoulder-width stance
  • Hands just outside of shoulders
  • Loose, fingertip grip on the bar
  • Elbows high
  • Hips descend back & down
  • Hips descend lower than knees
  • Lumbar curve maintained
  • Heels down
  • Knees in line with toes
  • Complete at full hip & knee extension

Remember these key elements and your Front Squat will improve!