Your Thanksgiving Meal Survival Guide: Delicious and Healthy

Meal Survival Guide: Everything you need to tackle this year’s Thanksgiving meal is right here in this guide. We are mapping out your entire Thanksgiving meal and helping you swap or skip items to enjoy a meal that is both delicious and balanced. Splurge on your favorite foods and skip or swap the rest of the options for a balanced meal.

Meal Survival Guide

Appetizers: Skip or Swap

There are some appetizers you may want to avoid, like unhealthy dips and chips. Swap out the unhealthy appetizers with a snack of raw vegetables, nuts, or a healthy appetizer you bring for the entire family to enjoy. Filling up on healthy appetizers is a great way to avoid indulging too much during the meal itself.

Dinner Rolls: Skip or Indulge

If you love dinner rolls, do not be afraid to enjoy one for this special occasion. Try to stay away from enjoying too many and if you could go without dinner rolls, skip them and save room for something you would rather indulge on!

Stuffing: Skip or Indulge

While there may be no worthy swap for stuffing, you can choose to skip this Thanksgiving classic in favor of other foods you may enjoy more. Or, indulge in moderation. Consider picking between dinner rolls or stuffing to save room for dessert, while still enjoying some of your favorite traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Turkey: Enjoy with Caution

Whether it is turkey at your Thanksgiving or another kind of protein, this is definitely a main part of any Thanksgiving feast that you can enjoy. The best way to eat clean while enjoying Turkey is avoiding fatty meat cuts and staying away from the gravy. If you want to add a bit of flavor and moisture to your turkey, try eating turkey with vegetables or mashed potatoes as a gravy substitute.

Mashed Potatoes: Skip or Swap

Alone, mashed potatoes are not unhealthy. A great way to enjoy mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving is by making your own version and bringing to share. Avoid using fatty creams or milk in your mashed potatoes, reduce the amount of butter you use, and skip the gravy with mashed potatoes. Without all of the extras, mashed potatoes make a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal!

Pie: Skip or Swap

When it comes to pie, this is a Thanksgiving menu item that many find it difficult to skip or swap. One way you can skip pie this year is by finding a dessert that still satisfies your sweet tooth, but is healthier and less heavy on the stomach. Or, you can enjoy something sweet and healthy, like fruit, with a smaller portion of pie on the side.

Get creative with your Thanksgiving meal this year!

As you can see, it is not hard to still enjoy Thanksgiving while swapping out or skipping the items you do not love – instead, reserving your “splurges” for the things you really want. Do not worry too much if you do not strictly follow your MACROs for the day, but you can still use them as a guideline for what you will eat throughout the day. If you have not received a nutrition check-up and custom MACROs from our certified nutritionist – ask us about it! Also, keep in mind that anything you do not enjoy on Thanksgiving Day, will likely be in your fridge or freezer as leftovers for days to come!