Thanksgiving Feast Survival Tips


Thanksgiving Feast is two weeks away! Can you believe it?! We have welcomed in the season of flannel, beards, and overeating. Up until I started CrossFit Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays because I knew I was going to stuff myself with large amounts of food numerous times through the day and then the following day with leftovers (you know leftover Thanksgiving food is the best). But when I made the decision to make a lifestyle change I initially was dreading the temptation of all the food for the holiday. Maybe you are the same way, then maybe again you are like “bring on the food”, either way, below are some tips for enjoying Thanksgiving without waking up the next day full of regret…and stuffing…and sweet potato casserole…and pecan pie.

1. Start your day off with some of your CFG family at the Turkey Trot

There is a 3 mile, 4 mile, and 5 mile run in Gardendale Thanksgiving morning to benefit The Firehouse Shelter. What better way to start a guilt free day then to go for a little run…or walk. It doesn’t matter, just be active. If you can’t make it to the event then try running around your neighborhood. Try to do something quick and early in the morning so you can get back in time to watch the parade and get ready for the day’s festivities.

2. Pace Yourself.

I seem to always eat really fast and my stomach is slow to let my body know that I am full. This results in overeating. Slow down on how fast you eat your food and you will be surprised at how full you get on less food. Enjoy the conversations around the dinner table, put the fork down in between bites; you will be surprised at how big of a difference these things really make.

3. Don’t Freak Out…It’s One Day!

Enjoy your holiday with your family. Sure, it’s probably best that you don’t overeat or decide you want pumpkin AND pecan pie, but if for some reason you decide to eat like it’s your last meal know that it’s one day. Just know that Monday is coming and Chad will probably program a workout that will leave us wishing we would not have gone back for seconds.

Thanksgiving is two weeks away…which means there are no skip days at the box for the next two weeks. Hit your goal for gym dates and enjoy the holiday.