6 Must-Know Tips to Tackle Tough Days and How to “Just Show Up”

Everyone has a tough day from time to time, but that does not have to affect your workouts. The absolute best way you can ensure you show up and stick with your workout plan, even on the tough days, is by just showing up. This is the hardest part.

Tips for “Just Showing Up” on Tough Days:

  • Do Not Think About the Whole Workout at Once – When you prioritize showing up for your workouts, it is key to not think about the entire workout at once. Focus on showing up for the workout, not what you will do once you are there. It can be overwhelming to think about all of the effort you will need to put in or how you are too tired to get in a good workout. This can keep you from showing up. Instead, just focus on showing up for your workout and what happens there, happens.
  • Start With One Thing – On those tough days to find the motivation for a workout: start with one thing. This could be something as simple as putting on your workout clothes. Once you do this, it is a lot easier to get yourself into workout, because you are already part of the way there. Focus on doing just one activity that prepares you to go workout first and then, just show up.
  • Schedule it In – Figure out when you will want to workout and schedule it in. Physically write it down on your calendar or enter it into your phone calendar. Also, set a reminder on your phone each day. These reminders will help get you to just show up even on tough days as if it is an important appointment or meeting that you need to go to.
  • Have Accountability – Find someone who goes to the same classes as you and have them check-in with you. When someone who is expecting you to be there, you are more likely to show up. Together, you will be more motivated to just show up. You both can even use the “just show up” mentality to motivate both of you, when you both do not feel like going to workout. Not wanting to workout happens to everyone from time to time, but accountability is what will keep you showing up time and time again.
  • Think About Something You Enjoy – What do you enjoy about going to workout? Or, maybe, what do you like about how you feel after you workout? These things can help motivate you to just show up on tough days. Get in there and do it for those feelings and the things you love most about working out.
  • Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To – Simply go into your workout with no expectations — show up. While you do not have expectations for your workout, you can give yourself something to look forward to after. For example, maybe you are going out to dinner with friends or spending the night in watching your favorite TV show. Whatever you can use to get you to just show up, do it!