8 Key Strength Training Benefits for Aging Bodies

Strength Training Benefits for Aging Bodies: Here at CrossFit Gardendale, we welcome individuals of all ages and experiences to accelerate their health and fitness progress. You are never “too old” to begin or continue strength training. Our Workout of the Day (WOD) is scalable to your needs and abilities. Take a look at these benefits of strength training for aging bodies and give CrossFit Gardendale a try!

Strength Training Benefits for Aging Bodies

1. Rebuild Muscle

Every year, when we are not actively building muscle, we are losing muscle. The rate of muscle deterioration rapidly increases as we age. Strength training plays a key role in rebuilding lost muscle and building strength to make our everyday habits and routines more simple.

2. Increase Metabolism

Did you know that building strength is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism? Unlike other exercises or tricks, building strength will boost your metabolism even after you are done working out. Maximize this opportunity to boost your slowing metabolism by incorporating strength training into your routine.

3. Reduce Fat

When our muscles deteriorate, they are replaced with fat. As we age, it can be difficult to have our calories turn into muscle rather than fat. Reduce the fat in your body by starting to build your strength and watch your fat turn into muscle.

4. Reduce Blood Pressure

If dreaded visits to the doctor mean repeated conversations about blood pressure, strength training may be for you. Strength training has been shown to reduce blood pressure, a common issue that aging adults experience.

5. Decreasing Physical Discomfort

As we get older, it always seems that there is some sort of physical discomfort or ailment we experience. Strength training strengthens our muscles and reduces the physical discomfort that we feel. By having stronger muscles, you are better equipped to handle any physical pains that may arise.

6. Improve Mental Health

The benefits of strength training extend past simply physical benefits. The mental health benefits of it can lead to a clarity of mind, increased happiness, and confidence. Boost your mood with your next set of strength exercises.

7. Improve Flexibility

Accidents and falling becomes an increasing challenge as we get older. Strength training allows us to improve our flexibility and ability to recover from sudden accidents or prevent them altogether. Prepare your body to be in its best condition and use this as prevention against potential accidents.

8. Enhance Personal Self-Esteem

With continued strength training, your confidence and self-esteem will grow. As you see your ability to lift heavier and complete more reps, you will experience an enhancement of your personal self-esteem. Feel more confident taking on your day with your newfound strength and energy.