Stop Making These 4 Fitness Excuses


More often than not, when we make excuses, they are excuses we make to ourselves, not to others. This is a dangerous habit, because these repeated excuses can prevent us from being our best. The thoughts that are repeated in our mind are executed in our day-to-day life. Stop making these excuses to yourself or others and watch how you are able to thrive when you are not allowing your excuses to control your success.

“I am too old.”

The truth? You are never too old to begin working out. In fact, the older we get, the more important exercise becomes. Here at CrossFit Gardendale, it is especially easy to begin your fitness journey, regardless of your age or fitness experience, because all of the exercises we do are scaled to the individual. You perform at your own level. All we ask is that you give your best everyday. Beginners are also required to start with our On-Ramp program, which allows you to get acquainted with the exercises, before joining the regular classes. Your age does not stop you from achieving your fitness goals here at CFG.

“I do not have enough time. “

Having only 24 hours in a day is a burden to most. We are busy with jobs, friends, family, obligations, and more. When it comes to working out, everyone has enough time. Why? Your health is your life, so it needs to be prioritized. You cannot be your best at work, taking care of your family, or doing the things you love most without taking care of your health. To make time, try scheduling your workouts into your day and treat it like an appointment you cannot miss. When you put it on the calendar, it becomes more challenging to make the excuse of not having enough time. Another tip is to replace a “bad” habit with your new, healthy habits. Skipping just one or two episodes of Netflix, for example, is a habit that you can forego in place of getting in your WOD.

“I am too out of shape.”

CrossFit is not just for athletes or people who have been training their whole lives. All of our members had to start somewhere, many of them starting without extensive exercise experience or being in great shape to begin with. As discussed above, the Beginners On-Ramp program is designed to help those who have no experience with CrossFit understand the basics to exercise safely and the exercises can be scaled to your individual needs. Contrary to popular belief, CrossFit is actually a great place to begin your fitness journey, because it gives you a safe environment and community to learn and progress in your exercises.

“I don’t need to lose weight, so I don’t need to workout. “

CrossFit is about more than weight loss. If you are a healthy weight, great! Regular exercise is still key for every individual, because it plays an important role in ensuring your insides are as healthy as you look on the outside. In fact, exercise has been shown to lower the risk of chronic or life-threatening diseases. At CFG, your exercises will also help improve your overall life, making you stronger and more capable of doing the things you love like running around with the kids or grandkids or spending time outdoors.