Stick to the process: It is so easy to take a picture of something these days. All we have to do is point and shoot and INSTANTLY we can see the end result of the photo we have taken. Remember the times when we had to get pictures developed??? I remember getting disposable cameras as a teen and taking them on trips and taking pictures, taking them to the local pharmacy, having to wait for them to get developed and then praying to God that at least one of them turned out okay. There was a waiting process…but not anymore.

This is the age in which we live. No one wants to wait on stuff anymore. They don’t want processes, they want results now! The same goes with CrossFit. I remember seeing pictures of a friend of mine after he had done CrossFit for a year and was like, “I want those results”. Then I actually started working out at CFG and realized that there was a process to get those results…a long, tiring, tough, sweaty process. Every day I would go home and look in the mirror and see the same me. I thought that I should lose the weight and hit big PR’s because I had been going for a week! But along the way I realized that Crossfit was like getting a picture developed.

“Every day, the choice is yours: to commit to the process. This is especially true in the world of CrossFit, where success isn’t just about one intense workout, but rather a series of them, consistently over time. It’s about showing up, day after day, and putting in the work—even when it’s challenging or when progress seems slow. The comparison to the development of film is particularly apt. Just as a photograph slowly emerges in the developer solution, revealing its image gradually, so too do the results of your hard work in CrossFit. They might not be apparent immediately, but with patience and persistence, the transformation—both physical and mental—will become evident. This journey is not just about physical strength or endurance, but about the mental fortitude to keep coming back, to keep pushing yourself, and to trust in the process. The ‘box’, a term commonly used in CrossFit to refer to the gym, becomes a space of transformation, where effort and dedication materialize into tangible results. In summary, the secret to success in CrossFit, and perhaps in many aspects of life, lies in this unwavering commitment to the process, a dedication to show up and give your best, day in and day out.”

Every day you have to choose to commit to the process. That is the secret to CrossFit, just keep coming back. Keep putting the work in and just like the development of film, you will see the results you are looking for in the box.

Stick to the process,