4 Steps to Successfully Come Back to CrossFit Gardendale


come back

Welcome back to CrossFit Gardendale!

Picture this: you come back to CFG and you crush your WOD at the same weight and reps you were doing before your break. This sounds great, but unfortunately, it’s not realistic. Coming back to CrossFit after some time off can be challenging. At the same time, it can also be very exciting, because you are likely motivated and determined, ready to accomplish your new goals. Use these four steps to make your transition back into regular WODs seamless and easy:

1. Set Reasonable Expectations

This first step is key and starts even before you step foot in CFG for your return. Set reasonable expectations for yourself. Consider what shape your body is in currently. When you come back, you will have less of a learning curve than when you first started, because you already have a foundation, but you still have to consider the strength and conditioning that your body has currently.

Have you been doing a different workout program during your time off from CFG? Great. Consider the conditioning you have been doing, but understand that the demands CrossFit may be different from what your current workout routine requires. Have you taken time off entirely from fitness? Again, that’s ok, but your body will not be in the same shape as when you left. Having reasonable expectations before you come back to CrossFit is key to setting yourself up for success as you re-transition into the program.

2. Start Slow

It can be tempting to come back to your first WOD and go all out. Your adrenaline is rushing. You are excited to be back. You are ready to see those gains. But, it is important to start slow. Give each WOD your all, while listening to your body. Focus on form and stick with a weight you can handle until you progress back to the level you were at before taking a break. Remember: this is your time to rebuild the foundation that will set you up for success as you continue to grow and progress at CFG.

3. Be Patient

This is simple. Just be patient with your body. While it would be great to be able to come back to CFG and perform at the same level before taking a break, it is simply not possible. Be patient and you will see your hard work pay off. Try to recall what it was like when you first started CFG. This is similar to what you are experiencing now. Take it slow and the results will come.

4. Focus On the Now

It is tempting to compare yourself and your body to how you performed before or how others are performing. Remember to focus on the now. Are you better than you were yesterday? Did you give the WOD your best effort? If so, then you are on the right track. No, you may not be in the same condition you were in when you last did CrossFit, but that is not what you need to look at right now. Focus on what is happening right now and focus on becoming better everyday.

come back