4 Steps to Clean Out Your Fridge and Your Diet

Clean Out Your Fridge:

Cleaning your fridge may sound like a chore, but it’s National Clean Your Refrigerator Day and we are here to help show you how cleaning your fridge can help you keep your diet on track. All it takes is four easy steps and you will be on your way to a cleaner kitchen, cleaner fridge, and cleaner diet. Take a look at the steps below and get started!

Clean Out Your Fridge

Step 1: Get rid of junk food

This may be the most challenging step of the fridge cleaning process. As tempting as it is to keep around those delicious brownies, cookies, and milkshakes, now is your opportunity to make eating healthy easier on yourself. Ridding your fridge of junk food makes your dieting decision simple. When you open your fridge, you will not be tempted by your favorite tasty treats and junk food. This will also make your fridge clutter free and open to be more easily cleaned and maintained.

Step 2: Take everything that is left out of the fridge

In order to get in and scrub those shelves, it is easiest to take everything that is remaining out of the fridge. This will allow you to take an inventory on what you have and give you an idea of what you can cook for your diet in the future. It is easy to forget about foods that get stuck in the back on the fridge. Taking everything out will allow you to reorganize and use the foods that you already have in the fridge.

Step 3: Give it a deep clean

Now that you have emptied the fridge, it is time to give it a deep clean. Having a clean and bacteria free fridge will make you feel better about the foods you are eating. Deep cleaning the fridge is easy to forget about, as it is usually full and stocked with foods. National Clean Your Fridge Day is the perfect opportunity to get this chore out of the way!

Step 4: Restock the fridge with healthy foods

Reward yourself and all of your hard work with a restocked fridge full of healthy foods. Stocking your fridge with healthy foods gives you less of a temptation to eat junk food and unhealthy things. Plus, it gives you lots of options when cooking healthy and delicious meals each night! Balance your fridge full of healthy foods with snacks and items to cook a full meal with. If you are ambitious, you will plan ahead and grab the groceries you need for healthy meals all week long.

All it takes is four easy steps to clean your fridge and start cleaning up your diet. In honor of National Clean Your Fridge Day, get started on these steps and be on your way to cleaner, healthier kitchen.