Skip The Chocolates: Your 2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Skip The Chocolates on Valentine’s Day may seem like a daunting idea, but you may be surprised how many great ideas there are that can support your wellness journey, while showing your significant other how much you care. Or maybe it is your significant other who is health-focused and you want to create a memorable day that follows their lifestyle. Use this gift guide to make you Valentine’s Day both unforgettable and healthy.

Skip The Chocolates

A Meal From the Heart, For the Heart

Staying at home and cooking a meal does not need to be underwhelming. Go all out with delicious vegetables and whole foods that not only taste great, but also fit in with your dietary needs. By eating at home, you are more likely to avoid overeating and are able to know exactly what goes into your foods. This makes a great Valentine’s Day present because you can demonstrate how much you care with the kind thoughtfulness behind the food preparation.

An Active Date

Give the gift of fun this Valentine’s Day! You cannot go wrong with a gift that is interactive and one-of-a-kind. Think of what your significant other enjoys doing and incorporate this into a physically active date. A hike through the local trails, a bike ride, or rock climbing all make great options for both fun and health. This can be a great opportunity for you and your significant other to try something new that you both have not done before. Do not be afraid to get creative and find something you both will love.

CrossFit-Related Gifting

If your significant other is into CrossFit, you cannot go wrong with any CrossFit related gifts. A giftcard to CrossFit Gardendale is a gift that will most certainly be appreciated by your significant other and will allow you to give the gift of health, fitness, and happiness. Workout gear is also a great and useful gift that the workout enthusiast in your life will love. You can also consider gifting a book or poster that inspires their workout journey. Think of what your significant other enjoys and select the fitness-inspired gift that keeps on giving.

Exchange a Fitness Challenge or Agreement

Many couples avoid exchanging physical or monetary gifts for holidays like Valentine’s Day. If this sounds like something you would like to do, a fitness challenge or agreement is a great way to exchange an experience without spending any money. For example, if your significant other has been wanting you to join CrossFit, commit to one month of CrossFit in exchange for your significant other trying one month of your favorite physical activity or eating habits. Another way you can do this is by taking a challenge together. For example, next month, we challenge each other to go to CrossFit WOD’s five times per week. This is a creative way to “give” a gift, without spending money.