Real Results: Do You Have What It Takes?

While showing up for one WOD and seeing a total body transformation the next day would be ideal, the reality is that real results take lots of hard work and time. Let’s start by tackling the idea of “real” results — what makes your results in the gym “real” or not? Put simply, real results are ones that stick.

Real Results

When you begin your fitness journey, there are two possible tracks to take. One is obtaining “results” fast with unsustainable fad diets or overworking the body in the gym. You can see the results in the mirror, but unfortunately, these typically do not stick as it is not a lifestyle that can be maintained in the long term. Then once the progress is lost, to achieve the desired results, the process must start all over again.

The other track is the slow and steady approach. It may take longer, but the results you get stick. With this approach, you must commit to consistently working towards your goals on a daily basis, but you will never have to worry about starting over again. Plus, with continued effort your body will adjust and you will develop tricks and routines for doing things more easily each day.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when aiming for real results:

1. Allow Your Body to Adjust
When you first start the slow and steady progress of your fitness journey, it may seem like you are a long way away from the finish line. It may be cliche to say, but this truly works: instead of seeing your goal as the finish line, enjoy the journey. Everyday, you will have the opportunity to see all of the amazing capabilities of the human body. Celebrate that you are able to lift, push, jump, climb, and more! With time, your body will adjust to the rigor of your workouts.

2. Develop Habits
The key to sticking with the slow and steady journey of fitness is developing habits that make your day-to-day routine simple. If you are consistently meal prepping for the week on Sundays, you will create a habit that leads to accessible and healthy foods everyday. Likewise, if you are in a habit of going to a WOD Monday through Friday, it will become easy for you to show up and see the results you are going for. Habits that put you on track to achieve your goals are the key to successfully achieving your goals.

3. Give Yourself Time To See Real Results
The final note to remember as you are going for real results is to give yourself time. Body changes that stick are always going to be gradual. You may not notice changes day to day or even week to week, but one day, you will look in the mirror and be surprised. Using progress pictures can be one great way to track your results without using a scale and pictures truly demonstrate how changes take time. Celebrate your progress. Congratulate yourself on your victories — big and small. Most importantly, remember that the real results you are going for take time, but it is worth it!