The Best Way to Organize and Execute Meal Planning

Meal Planning: Your success in CrossFit goes beyond the box, it also includes what you eat. Meal planning is one of the best ways to make it simple and easy to eat healthy and stick to your health goals. Here at CrossFit Gardendale we offer a few resources that help our members thrive in their wellness goals both inside and outside of the box.

Meal Planning

Get MealFit

All members of CrossFit Gardendale receive discounted access to MealFit, which allows you to plan your meals simply and easily. No longer worrying about stressing over what to make or prep each week, MealFit makes your job easy. Each week, you will receive a meal plan in your inbox which details what you should make daily. Use this plan to do your grocery shopping and avoid feeling overwhelmed by choosing recipes.

Buy Good Containers

The next step to nailing your meal plan and sticking with it is buying good containers. This allows you to not have to worry about storing your food securely and for freshness, you can use good containers as a go-to each week and wash them out before beginning your weekly meal prep. Having good containers just takes one less thing off of your mind when you are working to incorporating a meal plan into your schedule. Instead of searching the cabinets for Tupperware with matching lids, you have something ready to go and easy to use.

Schedule in Meal Prep

This is one of the most important factors of successfully beginning to meal prep on a regular basis: schedule it in. Find a time that works for you and do it at the same time every week. It may not be easy to do all at once. In this case, separate different tasks into different times. Do your grocery shopping first. Then, spend one day cutting all of the vegetables and another day preparing the meat. Again, you simply need to find a time or schedule that works for you, but scheduling it in guarantees that you will be able to consistently prepare the meals time and time again.

As you can see, organizing and executing a meal plan does not need to be difficult. With the help of the discounted MealFit service available to all of our CrossFit Gardendale members, it is easier than ever before. Making meal prep work can be challenging to plan, but once you find a schedule and routine that works for you, it is not difficult and very rewarding. Once you get into your routine, you will be surprised how easy it is and how nice it is to enjoy healthy meals on a regular basis.