Tim Jenkins

CrossFit Gardendale Member Spotlight! Meet our 40 Day Clean Eating & Performance Male Weight Loss Winner Tim Jenkins! Tim lost 17.8 pounds, 8.5 inches and reduced his body fat by 6.7%! We are so proud of Tim and all of his hard work! We cannot wait to see what he will accomplish in the upcoming months!


Tim Jenkins




Austin, Texas (but only for 2 weeks) then moved back to Birmingham

Tell us a little about yourself:

Married to the most beautiful and talented Romanian pianist, Diana Preoteasa.  We have one amazing 11 year old daughter Layla, who is an aspiring theater star.  I work in finance currently with the Private Bank at Wells Fargo. I am from the North Jefferson area and currently reside in Fultondale.

What made you start CrossFit Gardendale?

Lindsay Langston had been encouraging me for over a year to come and join.  At the time, my wife and I were training for a half marathon and were doing a lot of running.  I was getting really bored just trying to pass the time on a long run. Plus the only things getting any work were my lungs and legs. I wanted something similar to circuit training that would be a challenge, fast paced and ever changing, so I decided to give in to the cult that was CrossFit.

Describe your first workout?

My first workout was actually a complete bust and happened about 6 months before I joined. I came to bring a friend day with Linz on a Saturday after a REAL fun Friday night. We did kettle bell swings, burpees and jump ropes. I think it may have been only 2 rounds in a partner WOD but I was in no condition to be vertical. After one round I was done ….I didn’t even finish the workout before I had to go to the back and YAK!  Needless to say I learned a valuable lesson that day. It took a while for me to come back but I am happy that I did!

What are your favorite and least favorite lifts/movements?

Favorite lift is probably Squat Snatch….it seems to take the most focus and practice to get right. Least favorite movements are T2B (toes to bar) and ring dips!

What goals have you accomplished so far and what goals do you plan to accomplish?

Rocking some pull-ups, and consistently being able to RX a lot of the workouts!

How did you stay focused during the 40 Day Clean Eating & Performance Challenge?

I am highly competitive especially if it’s something I think I can win. I kept my focus on the great things I was allowed to have on my diet and focused on making the diet food really great.  I also focused on not eating or drinking anything that would affect my workouts negatively “put good in get good out “. I also stepped up the workout schedule and tried to miss as few days as possible.

What did you change during the 40 Day Challenge?

I went a little over the top with this one and ate extremely clean and lean along with cutting out 90% of the cocktails!   I cut all the carbs I could, mornings started with eggs and bacon or protein and coffee; mid morning was a protein shake made with unsweetened almond milk. Lunch normally was a piece of meat with a salad or maybe some collard greens.  Afternoon snack was another shake.  After work ride to the gym always consisted of a little pre workout drink then a grilled steak or chop for dinner with another salad. I drank lots of water and no soda. For lunches I would load the grill down on Sunday and cook all my meats for easy access and only ate the foods I prepared. Cheat days consisted of smoked wings from Moes BBQ, when I was feeling discouraged. Going to CFG kept me in check and seeing everyone working hard helped me stay the path!

What hobbies or things do you like to do other than CrossFit?

I love my sofa almost as much as I enjoy having a drink with friends. I am an awful golfer but a great cart driver. My wife and I are avid cooks and always in pursuit for a great meal (which makes eating clean very hard).  Most weekends you can find us close to the grill and a cold beverage hanging out with friends!

What, if anything, has changed in your life since joining CrossFit Gardendale?

It has really provided me the accountably that I need to stick to the program, I have met some really great people and learned to push myself further than I have ever before. I always hated going to traditional gyms after work because it was always packed and you were on display for the BI’S and TRI’S guys or have to wait to use a certain piece of equipment that needed you to read a 2 page instructional to know how to properly use. The biggest change is the fact that I actually go and want to go!

What advice would you give to any new members?  

Be humble don’t push too hard to do what the others may do, build a great foundation before you start trying to move heavy weight. Learning to do the movements the right way will yield greater long term results. No RX is worth having to go to physical therapy over.  Also, don’t be afraid to fail or be last as long as you are giving it 100%, that failure still comes with a high five and a good work! We have all been the last to finish a workout and had the whole gym cheering us on to finish that is where you truly test will and determination.