CrossFit Gardendale Member Spotlight! Wesley Barber tells us a little about himself and his CrossFit Gardendale journey. We are so proud of Wesley and his dedication and hard work!


Wesley Barber




Birmingham, AL

What made you start CrossFit Gardendale?

Most of my family had already joined and were loving it. I was looking for an instructor-led, challenging, and fun way to improve my health. Finally decided to take the hardest step, which is walking through the door for the first time.

Describe your first workout?

100 burpees for time…if I had to pick one workout that I didn’t want to do, that would’ve been it. But I survived it and felt really accomplished afterwards, and sore.

What is your favorite and least favorite lifts/movements?

Favorite lift is deadlifts. Least favorite lift is overhead squats. Since I’ve nowstated my least favorite lift, I fully expect to see plenty of these in future WODS. You’re welcome.

What goals have you accomplished so far and what goals do you plan to accomplish?

Handstand pushups (2 pads), toes 2 bar, and pull ups have been my biggest accomplishments so far. This next year I hope to learn double under jump ropes, become proficient at chest 2 bars, and perform a muscle up.

What hobbies or things do you like to do other than CrossFit?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and raising our 3 kids together. Attending church at Christway, coaching my kids in sports, and watching college football on Fall Saturdays are other things I like to do.

What, if anything, has changed in your life since joining CrossFit Gardendale?

I try to watch what I eat more than I did so I don’t offset my workouts. Also, the feeling of accomplishment after each WOD makes me proud and positively affects my mindset throughout my day.

What advice would you give to any new members?

Press on and don’t quit. The soreness will subside, eventually. Also don’t be ashamed to modify lifts/movements until your body strengthens in those areas.