kathy Casaday

CrossFit Gardendale Member Spotlight! Kathy Casaday tells us a little about herself and her CrossFit Gardendale journey.  We are so proud of Kathy and all of her hard work!


Kathy Casaday




Talladega, Alabama

Tell us a little about yourself: 

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Bill. We have three wonderful children – Jordan, Kaitlyn and Caroline and the cutest granddaughter named Izabelle! I love teaching first grade at Gardendale Elementary.

What made you start CrossFit Gardendale?  

I had been doing some fitness classes at the civic center, but wasn’t very happy with the class times and routines. My friend, April Cooper, had just started CrossFit and talked about how much she loved it! My daughter, Kaitlyn, expressed interest as well. My friend, Teresa Griffin, said come! So…I came! Kaitlyn and I started together in February 2013.

Describe your first workout?

I visited CrossFit Gardendale with Teresa Griffin one Saturday morning during “bring a guest” time. It was a partner “WOD” and I remember doing burpees! Little did I know then that burpees would be the “dreaded” part of the workouts! I started the beginner class that next Monday with Kaitlyn. It’s been rewarding experience to workout with my daughter, Kaitlyn! I’ve been amazed at all that she has accomplished! She’s my number one cheerleader! I remember once during the beginner classes they were all chanting “Go mom” with her!

What is your favorite and least favorite lifts/movements? 

My favorite movements are power cleans and kettle bell swings.

My least favorite movement is overhead squats! Somehow, my body just doesn’t cooperate on that move! (I bet you thought I would say burpees!)

What goals have you accomplished so far and what goals do you plan to accomplish? 

My goal for 2014 was to deadlift 100 pounds and I now deadlift more than 100lbs! I’ve already accomplished much more than I thought I ever could! I still plan to accomplish a handstand push-up one day!

What hobbies or things do you like to do other than CrossFit?  

My hobbies include shopping, reading, shopping, going to the beach, shopping…you got it!

What, if anything, has changed in your life since joining CrossFit Gardendale?   

I’ve gained so much confidence in myself. I’ve never been an athletic person. My girls would laugh at me when I would run with them or throw a ball. So, I think just feeling better about myself and what I can do has been a great change for me! I’ve actually competed in two Gridiron Games CrossFit competitions, The Mudduck Mud Run (that was gross), and ran my first 5k last spring! These are things I would have never done before CrossFit Gardendale!

What advice would you give to any new members? 

If I can do it, then YOU can do it!!!! Chad and Carrie are awesome instructors! Relax about “time” and being the first to finish! If you’re “older” like me, don’t feel intimidated by the younger CrossFitters! Do what you can do on your own level! Come on….what are you waiting on?