CrossFit Myths Debunked: “I Have To Be In Shape To Start CrossFit.”

We are tackling your CrossFit myths, starting with the common misconception: “I have to be in shape to start CrossFit.” We are busting this myth with eight reasons that this is simply not true, especially here at CrossFit Gardendale.

To Be In Shape

Reason #1: Everyone Starts Somewhere

 While it may seem like all CrossFit athletes are extremely fit and in shape, the reality is that we all started somewhere. Though a few individuals start CrossFit with lots of fitness experience, many others have little to no experience and that is great! Remember that you have to start somewhere.

Reason #2: Experienced, Knowledgeable Coaches

The best place to begin your fitness journey is somewhere with guidance and mentorship. Our experienced, knowledgeable coaches are a great resource — especially if you are not in shape or do not have prior fitness experience. Starting CrossFit as a beginner is the perfect way to learn many new exercises in a safe, educational environment.

Reason #3: It is Easy to Start With Our Beginners On-Ramp Program

Here at CrossFit Gardendale, beginners get a confidence boost and all of the knowledge and skills they need with our Beginners On-Ramp Program. This is a 6-day course that will get you started with everything you need to know before jumping into a regular WOD — no experience necessary!

Reason #4: A Great Environment for Success

Going to a new gym or trying to figure out an exercise routine on your own can be daunting. With CrossFit, it is quite the opposite. Here, you are put in a great environment for success. From daily planned workouts to a motivational community, your fitness journey will begin and take off with ease!

Reason #5: Nutrition Plays a Big Role

 When you are just starting on your fitness journey, it is important to remember that nutrition is equally as important. We understand how challenging creating and sustaining new habits can be, which is why our resources are designed to cater to beginners and experienced individuals alike. Starting CrossFit as a beginner provides the advantage of being able to access WODs, as well as nutrition resources, such as a health check-up with custom MACROS and a custom meal plan from our certified nutritionist.

Reason #6: Most People Fail Because They Lack Accountability 

Research shows that most individuals fail to stick with their fitness journey because they lack accountability. An encouraging and motivational community, like CrossFit Gardendale, is the perfect place to launch your fitness journey. You will receive the accountability you need and encouragement to keep on going!

Reason #7: The WODs Are Scalable

 Our workouts are truly one-size-fits-all! Each WOD is scalable to your individual experience. CrossFit makes a great workout for those who are not in great shape because you will never have to lift heavier weights than you are capable of or complete more reps than you can do. You will get a great workout that challenges you, yet meets your needs where you are now! As you grow stronger, your workouts will get tougher with you.

Reason #8: Learn It Right the First Time

 Waiting until you are in shape to start CrossFit can actually be more detrimental than starting as a beginner. When you start with little experience or being out of shape, you will learn how to complete each exercise with proper form, maximizing what you get out of each movement and minimizing the risk of injury. Many times, experienced athletes have to unlearn techniques and movements, which can be much more difficult than learning it right the first time.