I can’t do CrossFit, I’m not in shape!

​“I can’t do CrossFit, I’m not in shape!” “Those WOD’s are intimidating, I can’t do it!”, and my personal favorite, “It’s easy for you, you are already in shape!” These and numerous others are some of the excuses I hear when I talk about my workout routine. No one begins their journey to get in shape “already in shape” or there would be no one working out! We all have made or about to make the decision of changing our life and beginning a healthier lifestyle. This is especially true since it is the beginning of a new year.

do CrossFit

A little over 4 years ago I decided I wanted to get back into shape. I had gained over 220lbs of laziness and bad habits. I started going to a gym and wasting hours and hours picking up weights and not really doing anything with them. Until finally, I started working out in a circuit type workout with a couple of friends. We were deployed overseas at the time and had very minimal weights and equipment, which was perfect for CrossFit. We didn’t know what we were doing at the time. However, we were consistently moving for up to 30 minutes at a time and felt like we had gotten more accomplished in that time than the hours before just hanging out in the weightlifting gym. We eventually got tired of trying to figure out new things to do and came across the CrossFit main site and CrossFit Football’s website.  

We eventually learned new WODs and completely scaled every one of those crazy WODs!!! We eventually had a group of 8-10 guys and girls consistently working out with us. The community type environment was super fun and encouraging everyone to finish was the best part. Each WOD had someone different finishing first and it was encouraging to see each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

I eventually deployed home and thought I knew everything about “CrossFit”.  When I returned home,  I encouraged a couple of guys at the fire station to try my new workout routine.  These workouts were perfect for our firefighting job. Eventually, enjoying the WODs and wanting to improve their form, my friends even joined a CrossFit gym. I was hesitant at first, but their form began to improve and they were teaching me new things. I finally overcame my pride and joined the CFG family. From the first day walking in the door I felt at home and encouraged. I learned that my form was far from good and that the coaches were more than willing to help correct it. Every day I was making new friends and those new friends were encouraging me to never quit.

One of the main goals of my #CFG2015 is flexibility. This is something that cannot be coached. Yes, my coaches can teach me the proper stretches, but it is up to me, when I leave the box to go home, stretch and work on my mobility. It is up to me to come to the box early and utilize the equipment there to be able to reach all of my #CFG2015 goals. I challenge everyone to not leave your training at the box, but to continue your fitness goals when you leave the box. Whether it is to have more mobility or eating healthier, continue your goals outside of the box and bring in a new and better you each time you walk in the box.

​Becoming part of the CFG family has been one of my best lifestyle choices ever. I am all about the community/family environment that makes up CrossFit. Encouraging each other to push our bodies to the limits and to never give up is the norm in CrossFit. (So forgive me if I yell at you to keep going!!) I live this “Never Give Up” concept in my fire department job as well as my military job and now that I can incorporate it into my workouts it is extremely fulfilling to me.  I encourage anyone who is thinking about getting into better overall shape, including mind, as well as, body, to give CrossFit a chance, and what better place to jump in shape then CrossFit Gardendale!!!

Stentsen Ellenburg