I AM CFG (Taylor Massengill)

I’m too busy to workout.”

I made this excuse just about every day of my first year of medical school. As someone who had played sports all through high school and worked out regularly in college, I had convinced myself that I couldn’t do those things anymore because I was just too busy. I was too busy studying all the time, too busy working at the hospital, too busy getting up early and heading home late.

But… I made time to watch my favorite shows during the week. I made time to take an hour nap after class. I made time to go out and eat every night. It took an extra fifteen pounds of fluff for me to realize it wasn’t that I didn’t have time, it’s that working out just wasn’t a priority anymore. That’s what makes CrossFit so great! CrossFit is awesome because you can get a ridiculously intense workout in half the time it takes to watch a TV show, take a nap, or go out to eat. Since deciding to make ME a priority again, I find ways to work WODs into my “too busy” schedule because I LOVE being so much stronger, faster, and healthier (and beating my mom in the WOD of course!). At the end of the day, are you really “too busy” to dedicate 45 minutes for some quality you time? So quit making excuses and make yourself a top priority again!

I am a wife. I am a medical student. I am a priority. I am CFG!

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