I AM CFG (Stephanie Hensley)

If someone never thought CrossFit was for them it was me. I had tried tons of exercise routines and nothing ever kept me coming back. I have been inactive most of of my life and when I started CFG on January 5th 2015 I was coming straight off the couch.

I stumbled upon some goals I wrote down right after I started. I have completed all of them and then some. Some people might not think running a mile is huge but when I started CFG I couldn’t run 200 meters. Some days are good and some bad, but all in all everyday I spend at CFG I get better and better. Today I have found a passion and strength that I never knew I had.

I am now part of a new family, I am a mom who is stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I am CFG.

February On-Ramp begins February 1st! For more info on On-Ramp and how to get started click here.