I AM CFG (Mike Scott)

CrossFit is too expensive.

There is almost nothing in my monthly budget that doesn’t come second to my membership to CFG.  The coaching you get and the overall experience are worth every penny. Once you join and begin going to class you’ll see what I mean.  Besides, even if another gym is slightly cheaper it won’t matter if you quit going after a couple of months.  If I missed several classes at CFG I would be getting messages wanting to know where I’ve been and if everything’s OK.  That’s the difference between a gym membership and being part of a community!  CFG is now part of my budget planning, just like bills. It is worth it!

I am a salesman, I am a budgeter, I am CFG.

January On-Ramp begins January 4th! For more info on On-Ramp and how to get started click here.