I AM CFG (Jennifer Bensko)

No, I will never compete in the CrossFit games. I am far from the amazing abilities of Rich Froning, Mat Fraser, or Christmas Abbott. Maybe, you think that you have to be like these people to join CrossFit. This is not true.  I am not like the people you see on TV and yet, I am still a “CrossFitter”. I admit there are many CrossFit moves that I can not do yet, but there are even more moves that I can do. There is always a modification if you are unable to do something for whatever reason. Don’t let the people you see on TV discourage you from joining CFG. Instead, come and try it out for yourself. You will find real people, of all ages, pushing themselves to be the very best that they can be. Come and see fellow athletes encouraging each other to reach their next goal. Come and see a community supporting each other in a healthy lifestyle.  Come and join a family. It’s a choice that I made almost 4 years ago. I have never regretted it. I only wish I had joined sooner. So if you think you are not an athlete like the people you see on TV, that’s ok. You don’t have to be like them. Just be you and you may surprise yourself and be more of an athlete than you ever thought possible.

I am not Rich Froning, I am Jennifer Bensko, I AM CFG!

January On-Ramp begins January 8th! For more info on On-Ramp and how to get started click here.