How To Push Through Workout Failures

How To Push Through Workout Failures? When you hit a wall or mess up what you are trying to do, do not give up. These failures are just roadblocks to your end goal. Instead of seeing your failures as the end, see them as opportunities to improve and better yourself. Even the best athletes and most successful individuals across the globe have failed many times. Use these tips to push through the failures you experience and continue on your journey.

Workout Failures

Tap Into Your Community

Here at CrossFit Gardendale, we have an amazing community of supportive individuals. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of the people that are part of your communities to find motivation and guidance when you hit a roadblock. Ask them for tips for what they did when they have been in your shoes or for any guidance they have to offer. Many of the people in your community may have been in your position before, so this is an excellent opportunity to learn from other’s experiences and push through the tough spot you are in.

Remember Where You Came From

The best way to overcome failures is remembering where we came from. Sure, you may not be able to get in that last rep, but consider how many more reps you can do now than when you first started. If you have made progress towards your goal, you are doing it right, regardless of what roadblocks you may encounter on your journey. Whenever you struggle to look ahead, look back on your progress and celebrate your accomplishments.

Did You Do Your Best? Try Again.

Even if you did your best and failed, try and try again. This is what the best athletes in the world have done and it has worked time and time again. Do not be afraid of failure. Keep up your training and do not be afraid to pick up where you have failed. Even if your biggest “failure” is skipping your daily workout commitment, you can easily remedy this by simply waking up tomorrow and showing up.

Try New Strategies or Tricks

One of the best ways to overcome failure is by figuring out how you can overcome it. If you are struggling with a new personal record, try lowering the weight you use on the exercise, increase your confidence, and then try it again. This will remind you of your ability to complete the exercise and you will be able to leverage your mental confidence to push through that new record amount of weight. Or, use alternative exercises to build strength before trying to break that personal record. Find what works for you and overcome that failure with a strategic plan.