How a Customized Meal Plan, Can Save You Time and Money

Save time, money, and stay on track with your healthy eating with this one-stop solution: custom meal plans from our certified nutritionist. Clipping coupons can only save so much money and it takes a lot of time to plan your meals, grocery shop, and get good deals. Plus, clean eating is always a challenge when you do not have the right ingredients in your fridge. Here are all of the benefits you will enjoy when you get a custom meal plan from CrossFit Gardendale’s in-house certified nutritionist:

  1. You Will Know What You Need From the Grocery Store

Never wander around the grocery store, grabbing items here and there that you are hoping will contribute to healthy meals for the rest of the week. A meal plan will tell you exactly what you need, so you can grab everything you need and go!

  1. You Will Not Waste Food

When aimlessly buying items from the grocery store, it is easy to waste food. Those tomatoes you thought you would use and leftovers from a few nights ago often go uneaten without a plan. Now, knowing exactly what foods you will need, you can avoid wasting food and simply buy the ingredients you will use.

  1. Your Meals Will Fit Your Lifestyle

meal plan

Whether you are on-the-go for lunch each day or eat all of your meals at home, a custom meal plan ensures that the meals align with your lifestyle and your needs. Our certified nutritionist will work with you to meet your lifestyle needs with each plan.

  1. Your Meals Will Align With Your Goals

It is important that what you eat aligns with your fitness goals. A certified nutritionist is the perfect person to craft a custom meal plan, because you will receive meals that help you work towards your goals and give you the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats to achieve them.

  1. You Will Have Affordable Meals That Work For You

The main reason grocery shopping adds up is because shopping without a plan is costly. Knowing what you will need in advance allows you to avoid single-serve packages and most importantly, helps you avoid those last-minute meals out due to not having the items needed for a clean, healthy dinner on hand.

  1. You Will Not Need to Think About or Plan Your Meals Each Night

Does anyone else open the fridge and wonder what can be made with the available ingredients? Doing this is time consuming and can be frustrating. With a meal plan, you will not need to spend time thinking. Just grab the ingredients you need and start cooking!

  1. You Can Shop In Bulk to Save Money

Not only will you not need to spend time perusing the grocery store to figure out what you need for dinner, you can plan ahead more and shop in bulk. Grab everything you need for the next few weeks and save money by buying larger quantities of the ingredients you will need.

  1. You Will Spend Less Time Shopping

Get in and get out of the grocery store in record time. By knowing what you will be cooking ahead of time with your meal plan, you can assemble a comprehensive list of everything that you need and grab all of the items you need, without stopping to consider where in the grocery store you need to go next or how much of an item you will need.

  1. Eating Clean Will Be Less Stressful

It can be stressful and challenging thinking about what to eat and feeling frustrated not having the right ingredients to cook something wholesome and fresh. With a meal plan, the thinking is done for you. You can focus on preparing the meals and enjoying delicious, healthy foods consistently!

  1. You Can Plan Ahead and Freeze Meals

With a meal plan, you can pick a day to prepare some of your meals in advance and freeze them. The experience of doing this is similar to buying those unhealthy, prepackaged meals in the frozen section of the grocery store, but the meals are healthy and in-line with your dietary needs!

  1. You Will Eat More Variety

It is easy to get caught up in making the same favorite dishes over and over again. Bring back variety and fun to clean eating with a meal plan that is created for you! You will get new recipe ideas that you can begin using to discover clean, healthy, and tasty meals!

If any or all of these benefits sound like they would improve your life, start taking advantage today! CrossFit Gardendale now has an in-house certified nutritionist who is equipped to ease your days and make clean eating simple. Check it out: