New Year, New Goals: Your Guide to Fitness Goals and Beyond

Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals It is 2019: a new year, a refresh, an opportunity to restart and leave the past behind. Look ahead towards the future and forget the past. Whether you have set goals for this year yet or not, it is not too late to consider what you would like to accomplish. Use this framework to set your goals or to ensure your goals are designed for ultimate success by the end of the new year.

Start By Thinking “Big Picture.”

Consider where you see yourself at the end of the year. Do not be afraid to think big. You can likely achieve more than you think! Have a vision for each aspect of your life in which you want to improve. This can include visions for your personal life, professional development, fitness, health, and other areas you wish to improve upon.

Break It Down.

Once you have your vision for where you want to be at the end of the year, work backward and break it down into smaller goals. Taking this approach to your goals for the new year will allow you to ensure that the goals you set are working towards the vision you want to achieve in the end. A vision without a plan is just an idea. Breaking it down is taking the steps to set yourself up for success in achieving your goals.

Use a time period that works for you when you are setting goals to achieve your vision for the year. Some choose to use quarterly goals, while others do monthly or weekly goals. You can even do a combination of multiple time periods to set smaller and smaller goals, giving you something to work towards each day. Find what works for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. If you have been unsuccessful with monthly goals in the past, try something new this time! Goal setting is all about finding what is best for you.

Do Not Be Afraid of Change.

While you should not be afraid of the changes that the new year and your new goals will bring, it is even more important to not be afraid to make changes to your goals as you see fit. These goals do not need to be set in stone. If your values or priorities change throughout the year, change your goals as well. If your goals are not working for you and they need to be adjusted, adjust them! A change to your goals does not mean giving up, it means doing what you need to do so you can see them through to the end.

The new year is an exciting time. It is full of motivation and excitement — the hope of a fresh start. While you may not be able to keep the motivation up all year round, you can keep your vision in mind. Envision yourself at the end of your goal. Imagine how you will feel. Think about what will be different in your life when you reach your goals. We will be celebrating our goals both new and old here at CrossFit Gardendale by continuing to challenge ourselves in all aspects of health and fitness — join us to kick off your new year!