Get Motivated: Mindset is Everything

Get Motivated Mindset is Everything: When it comes to finding the motivation to workout, stick to your eating plans, or live a healthy lifestyle, it can be a challenge at times. There is a solution: mindset. It makes a world of a difference when it comes to uncovering that motivation and working towards your goal with little resistance. Learn more about mindset below.

Why is mindset so important?

Mindset is Everything

Mindset is the difference between showing up for your workout or watching an episode on Netflix. It is the differentiator between an all-out sweat and a low effort workout. It is so important because it puts you back in control. It allows you to put your mind in the right place, so you can achieve anything. It is important to balance mindset with also listening to your body. There will be some days where taking a day off is crucial to maximizing your performance and avoiding injury, but for the days where you are simply struggling to find the motivation, having your mind right is exactly what you need to shift to boost your success.

How can you improve your mindset?

Use a Mantra

Find a mantra that resonates with you or make your own and keep it in mind throughout the day. For example, a mantra you could use is: “Don’t wish for it, work for it.” Then work to keep it at the front of your mind and improve your mindset. To do this you could write it down, repeat it aloud in the mirror, set it as your phone lock screen background, or put it up as a note in your office.

Make a List of Your Motivators

Whether it is being able to run around and play with your kids or grandkids or toning up your body to look good in the mirror, focusing on the things that motivate you are one of the best ways to improve your mindset. Get your goals and motivators out on paper. The act of writing it down and focusing on it will help you realign your priorities, improve your mindset, and get the motivation you need to complete your WOD.

Read or Listen to Something Positive

A book, a blog post, an audiobook, a podcast — motivational words come in many different forms for you to enjoy. Use this time to help shift your mindset and get you ready to tackle the challenges of life and fitness. Research has shown that the things that we read or hear greatly impact the way we think. Use this to your advantage and get a boost to your mind from wisdom shared by others.

Engage in Uplifting Conversation

Find a friend, family member, co-worker, or stranger to engage in uplifting conversation with. If there is a person that always puts a smile on your face everytime you interact, this may be a great person to reach out to and have a conversation that helps shift your mindset.

Use these tips to shift your mindset and give it your all in your next WOD. Get your mind in the right place, work hard, and then celebrate your dedication and persistence.