Get Motivated: Consistency is Key

Whether you are new to CrossFit or have been working out for years, there are always days where it can be challenging to find motivation and stick to your routine. When you are struggling to get motivated, keep this in mind: consistency is key.

Consistency is Key

It is not always about how hard you push yourself or how many reps you do. It is not about how long you workout or how much you sweat. Simply being consistent is the most important factor. As you build your consistency, you will learn how to challenge yourself, even on the days you are feeling off.

Consistency helps you turn working out into a habit. With consistency, your WODs will become part of your routine and lifestyle. When you start building consistency in your life and in your workouts, all of your other goals will follow. You will set that PR. You will feel stronger and healthier. You will shed those last few pounds.

Here are some tips you can use to stay consistent in your workout and conquer your goals:

1. Just Show Up

Being consistent is not about going all out everytime, sometimes just showing up is enough. Once you start your WOD, you will likely gain energy and motivation as it starts. If not, that is okay too. Being consistent is all about committing to being present and giving your best effort for that day.

2. Reward Yourself

External motivation is a great way to stay consistent. If your goal is to go to the gym five days per week and you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to show up one of the days, think of a reward that you will enjoy. The reward could be a drink with friends, a trip to the spa, or an upgrade on some of your workout gear. Find what motivates you and use this as a reward to stay consistent with your WODs.

3. Have Accountability In Your Consistency

Find a friend or family member who can have accountability with you. Simply having someone who you can check in with and who wants to see you succeed at your goals is one of the best ways to remain consistent. When you are tempted to skip a WOD, you will remember the commitment you made to being accountable to that friend or family member.

4. Celebrate Your Results

If you keep track of your results, take a moment to look back and see how far you have come. These results, whether in pounds shed or exercises executed, could not have been achieved without your dedication to consistency in your fitness and health.

The next time you are struggling to find the motivation, remember to focus on consistency. Use these tips to help you remain consistent when you have a tough day. With consistency, you will see the results you have been looking for — stick to it!