Get Fresh and Ready Workout Clothes

You work hard in the gym and your fresh workout clothes work hard for you. Good quality workout clothes can be pretty pricey, but if they provide high performance to match the high price tag, they can be a solid investment for you. However, if your investment isn’t cared for properly, the fibers and fabrics can break down prematurely.

Workout Clothes

There are certain tips and products which you can use to ensure the odor-causing bacteria that gets trapped in your clothing are properly killed and that the special fibers that are used in quality workout clothing don’t deteriorate too quickly.

As soon as you’re done with your workout, your clothes should be freshly washed. If you don’t have time to wash them immediately, make sure to hang them up or place them somewhere that they can air out. We suggest WIN High Performance Sports Detergent for when you do wash them. Unlike ordinary detergent, WIN is optimized for the best care of synthetic fibers that workout clothes are made of. It can dissolve oils and sweat in a heartbeat, not just masking odors, but killing the bacteria that cause them, therefore eliminating those odors.

We all know that life happens, and sometimes our workout clothes end up in a sweaty pile on the floor instead of fresh in the drawer. Don’t fret- if that’s the case, you can take further steps to get out those funky post-workout smells. Before tossing your clothes in the wash with your WIN detergent, soak them in the bathtub with vinegar and water for about 30 minutes. One part vinegar to four parts water usually works best. Remember- do not mix vinegar and bleach. If your detergent does contain bleach, be sure to thoroughly rinse the clothing after the vinegar bath before you put them in the wash.

Vinegar can also help with unsightly stains on your clothing, like underarm sweat stains. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar on hand in your laundry room. Spray any unpleasant stains directly with the vinegar, and then your clothes are ready to be washed.

Sometimes your workouts are hard. Caring for your workout clothes and making them fresh doesn’t have to be.