Focus on YOU: The Fitness Motivation You Need to Tackle Today’s Workout

Your fitness motivation journey is about you. It is not about your friend, your partner, or other people that you workout with. Many individuals hesitate to focus on themselves, preferring to help others or focus on others’ needs first. If this is you, this is an amazing trait! However, when it comes to your fitness journey, focusing on yourself is important. You are the one with the drive and motivation. You are the one who will benefit from the results. You are the person who is putting in the work.

On the other hand, it is easy to get caught up in others’ accomplishments, goals, and abilities. Stop this. Stop those glances at others during a WOD or comparing yourself to models on social media. While it is great to celebrate the accomplishments of others, dwelling on them will only negatively impact your journey and is not motivation. Focus on YOU!

Why should you focus on YOU for your fitness journey?

Fitness Motivation

Most importantly, everyone is different. Everyone has a different journey, a different set of challenges and struggles to overcome. Remember that everyone is struggling and growing with different things at different times.

Your fitness journey is not about how fast you are improving or what areas you are growing in as compared to others, it is about continuous commitment and growth. When you focus on your journey, you may be surprised to start seeing those little things change that you have been working towards. There will always be someone better. There will always be someone who has been on their journey for longer or who has achieved a goal faster — that is okay! Instead of focusing on others, see how far you can grow from where you were yesterday or a month ago or a year ago and use that as your motivation.

What you see on social media or in-person is not the whole picture — you are only seeing the end result. Instead of judging others journey based on what you see, concentrate your efforts on your own journey. You do not know what the individual had to do to get where they are. Every single individual is different and so is their motivation. Rather than aspiring to be where someone else is, set your own goals. Work towards your own achievements with your body and your goals in mind.

How can you focus on YOU for your fitness journey?

  1. Set Attainable Goals: When you set goals for yourself, you are giving your mind something to think about rather than others. Every time you are tempted to compare yourself to someone else’s goals or achievements, remind yourself of your own goals and motivation and then double down on your effort towards them.

  2. Focus On the Now: Do not think about the past or the future, just think about where you are right now. This will help you avoid comparison. Comparison is all about where someone is compared to where they were previously or where they are now compared to where you want to be. Think about where you are right now and what you are doing right now. If you are working out, get your head in the present moment to fuel a more effective workout through your motivation. If you are at work, focus on work. If you are with your family, focus on enjoying the moment. Do not let your mind stray to others and stay on track with your own fitness journey.

  3. Join a Like-Minded Group: Joining a group of individuals is not about being better than the others you are with, it is about having accountability, support, motivation and improving and growing together. CrossFit Gardendale is a great place get support and embark on your fitness journey with like-minded individuals who are here to build you up — not compare!