Gene Branham: Transforming Health and Finding Strength at CrossFit Gardendale

Health and Finding Strength at CrossFit Gardendale

Q: Why did you choose CrossFit Gardendale?

Finding Strength

I had been a member of a similar style gym but had not been going. I was about to start back and Kenneth and Brooke, who were friend a of mine, bought CFG. I was actually scared of the word “CrossFit” until I called Kenneth and he explained that the workouts are for anyone at any fitness level. He was spot on! Everyone at CFG has their own story and abilities.

Q: How long have you been a member?

I joined CFG mid November 2022.

Q: What is the reason you decided to focus on your health?

In August 2022 I went to my Primary Care Dr. I was 308# and had elevated cholesterol. He told me that I needed to make some changes or i would be on Medicines in the future. I went back to him first week of August 2023 and I was at 227# (that’s 81# in a year!) and my bad cholesterol is down while my good cholesterol has sky rocketed. CFG and a diet plan have played a major role in turning my health around.

Q: What is your favorite thing about CFG?

The “community/family” feel of the gym. Everyone I talk to is so intimidated about coming to a CrossFit gym but the community/family feel is like no other. Every one cheers you on and wants the best for you. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. The coaches are all CrossFit coach certified and help you with form and technique. They’ll come early or stay late and give one on one instruction.

Remarkable Health Transformation

Gene Branham’s journey at CrossFit Gardendale is nothing short of remarkable. After joining in November 2022, he underwent a profound health transformation in just one year. Starting at 308 pounds with elevated cholesterol, Gene shed an incredible 81 pounds, reaching 227 pounds by August 2023. His cholesterol improved significantly.

Discover how CrossFit Gardendale’s supportive community and certified coaches helped Gene overcome initial fears and achieve incredible health gains. Gene’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and commitment in the face of health challenges.

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