Three Easy and Essential Box Etiquette Rules

CrossFit is more than just a type of workout. It’s a community where like-minded people come together with different goals in mind and on different walks of life, but they have CrossFit in common. You make friends and family, so it’s important to respect your community members how you would want to be respected. Here are three good box etiquette rules you should always follow in order to be courteous of those around you:

Etiquette Rules

Etiquette Rules
Be respectful to your fellow CrossFitters.
  • Put away your equipment this one should be an obvious etiquette rule, but nobody’s perfect and it might be easy to forget one day. Just like you would clean up after yourself at your home, clean up your equipment after you’re done. You and everyone else working out are guests in the CrossFit gym. Your coaches are there to help you, but it’s hard work and they don’t want to clean up after everyone after a grueling class. Maybe even take it one step further, and help your fellow athletes put their things away as well.
  • Clean your equipment with the disinfectant wipes at the front desk. CrossFit brings sweat, tears and even the occasional blood. Nobody wants to come into the next class with wet equipment. It’s simply sanitary and doesn’t take much time or effort to practice this etiquette.
  • Don’t distract – some CrossFitters are there for the first time. When the coach is giving instruction, be sure to be quiet and respectful to both the coach and the people around you, even though you may feel you already know what to do. A lot of these instructions are given in order to promote safety during a pretty intense type of exercise.

Show up, push yourself and keep these simple etiquette rules in mind. We’ll see you next class!