Who are CrossFit Events for? Everyone!

So you started CrossFit Events. You go every week, you’ve made friends, you know all the terms like WOD and PR and you’ve seen an incredible difference in your body and energy levels. You’re part of the community. Is there still a little part holding you back from participating in CrossFit events?

CrossFit Events

CrossFit events aren’t just for the veteran CrossFitters who have been in the game for years. They’re designed for anyone and everyone who would like to take part in a day of fun, hard work and community. Examples of CrossFit events include 5K runs, Gridiron Games, partnered competitions or obstacle runs.

Here are some great reasons to get out there and take part in a CrossFit event:

A Tighter Sense of Community

Sure, you see your CrossFit family weekly or monthly and you’ve bonded over rope climbs and the dreaded row machine. What about seeing that same family at an all-day, super fun and super challenging event in addition to the regular workout times? You’ll form a tighter sense of community and get to know each other so much more.

New Challenges

CrossFit is all about challenging yourself and beating your own PRs. There’s no better way to see yourself do some amazing things you never thought you could than at an all-day event.

Help Others

Many CrossFit events are all about helping others in need. CrossFit Gardendale Gridiron Games has donated over $18,000 to local charities since its beginning. What better way to support the heart of your community than by doing something you’re passionate about? You can even volunteer at these events if you don’t want to partake in the events all day.


You wouldn’t be doing CrossFit if you didn’t enjoy it! Sure, it’s extremely challenging sometimes, but that’s part of the fun. So, why not join a CrossFit event simply so that you can have some good old fashioned entertainment?

Remember to sign up for the 5th annual Gridiron Games here. There’s no better time to start than now!