Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a CrossFitter 2015

Christmas Gifts for a CrossFitter

Christmas Gifts for a CrossFitter : It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you’re anything like me your Christmas list for Santa is loaded with new CrossFit gear! If you are into CrossFit or are buying for someone who CrossFits you know that there is always new gear, attire, and accessories. This can get overwhelming…maybe you CrossFit and walk into the box and see someone’s fancy jump rope and wonder where it came from or you look down and aren’t as happy with your shoes compared to one of your fellow athletes, or maybe you are trying to buy a Christmas gift for a loved one who “has joined the cult”…WELL THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU! Below are my Top Ten Christmas Gifts for a CrossFitter for 2015:

10. Atlas Wraps

These wraps are some of the coolest in the game. They have tons of different colors and patterns but also have themed wraps from some of your favorite movies, tv shows, and super heroes. They are also the company that made the new CFG wraps that you can still buy at the box today!

9. Protein

Drinking a protein shake after a workout can restore muscle glycogen and can help repair muscles from natural damage that can occur with Olympic and power lifting. It is good for both weight loss and muscle building. I don’t want to get too technical so ask one of the coaches about any questions you may have about protein.  It gets a little expensive but is in a great price range for a Christmas gift. Most companies do holiday sales BOGO! A bag normally last around 1-2 months which makes this Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Here is the protein I recommend Stronger Faster Healthier. You can also get this at CFG. It would make a great “last second” gift!

8. Junk Headband

Getting sweat in your eyes gets annoying…and wearing a bandana is a fashion no no…here comes Junk headbands to the rescue. They have headbands for both male and female and the options are limitless. Be patriotic for Murph with an America themed band or go neon pink because it goes with your outfit…seriously check them out. They are awesome and fairly priced.

7. Stance Socks

Of course these make the list! Socks are fun for CrossFit and you need a little fun when it comes to tough workouts. More and more people are venturing into the sock world at CFG and this Christmas gift could take the sock game at CFG to a whole new level. You can buy them online for $15 a pop or you can go to the local TJ MAXX and ROSS and get them for $5 a pair… you’re welcome!

6. Qalo Ring

If you are engaged or married or are buying for a CrossFitter who’s relationship status has recently changed then this is the Christmas gift to buy! It’s a little uncomfortable to work out in a regular ring but with Qalo you can work out and let everyone know you are OFF THE MARKET. These silicon rings are super comfortable and lightweight and are not a hindrance while working out. Plus, they come in tons of different colors.

5. Natural Grips

Your hands can take a beating in some workouts and some crossfitters dread ripping their hands open (ME)…that’s why Natural Grips come in at number five on the list. The Natural Grip protects the entire palm by fitting snugly on your ring finger and middle finger. These are not one size fits all but are measured off of your ring size for complete customization for each person. Torn hands can prevent an athlete from reaching their maximum potential in a workout. The natural grip will protect your hands!

4. RX Jump Rope

These jump ropes are awesome! Not only can you customize the way they look but you can pick different size ropes depending on your skill level of jumping rope. These jump ropes are a little heavier than most ropes and allow for more control when doing (or trying to do) double-unders. You have probably seen a few around CFG…yeah they are awesome!

3. Lululemon

Lululemon makes great athletic apparel. It’s very pricey but their apparel is really good. Comfort while working out is a must and I can guarantee that if you want comfort go with Lululemon. If you want more than just one pair of shorts this Christmas then maybe ask for a gift card like I am doing.

2. CFG Gift Card

Want to make a CFG Athlete or family member interested in joining happy? Get them a gift card for a month of CrossFit! Do you want your spouse, friend, family member to start working out with you? This is the best way to get them in the gym. If you are wanting to buy a Christmas gift for a current CFG member…this is the gift that will bring tears to their eyes (well at least my eyes). Stop by the box and ask about buying a gift card today!

 1.Nike Metcons

While the Nano has been a staple in the CrossFit world Nike has finally entered into the world itself with the Nike Metcon 1. This shoe is beautiful and the colorways they have will make hearts come out of your eyes. In fact they are so popular right now that they are the number one selling shoe on They are the same price as the Nano 5 and are flat for maximum balance in workouts. The Metcon 1 is at the top of my Christmas list this year.  I hope Santa brings me a pair!