Build Small Habits for Great Fitness Success

Fitness Success

What do you define “success” as in fitness? Great Fitness Success? Is it reaching your goals? Is it winning a competition? We all have different definitions and expectations for success, but the path to success remains the same for everyone: building habits. They are what keep you going when you are not feeling motivated. They allow you to repeat the same, necessary behaviors day in and day out, even when you do not feel like doing them. A habit are like brushing your teeth. You do it daily, to the point where you do not need to think before doing it — it is automatic.

The best part about a habit is that you do not need to make it hard to get the results you want. A culmination of several valuable, small habits will result in the big changes you want to see. For example, a small habit is waking up 30 minutes earlier to workout. When combined with other small, powerful habits, the big result is a daily commitment to your health and fitness goals.

What are some small habits you can use to achieve your fitness success?

Think about your goal and what habit you could create that would help you achieve that goal. This can go beyond fitness habits alone. Your fitness success is dependent upon a variety of factors. Consider your mental health and your wellness and your eating habit.

Nutrition is a key aspect of fitness success. What eating habits do you have currently? What ones would you like to have or change? We brought in a certified nutritionist to help you jump-start your nutrition habits with custom MACROS based on current health and goals, as well as the offering of custom meal plans that make healthy eating easier than ever before.

What are some habits that may be prohibiting your fitness success?

Now that you have considered each habit you can add to your life to reach peak fitness success, consider which ones may be prohibiting your fitness success. Perhaps you have one that keeps you from regularly working out or an unhealthy eating one you would like to kick.

When it comes a habit prohibiting your success, you have the option of eliminating the habit or replacing it. Eliminating the habit is typically the tougher option, as you will not have an alternate choice to turn to when you are facing temptation. Replacing the habit, on the other hand, allows you to build new, positive ones while making it easier to remove the prohibitive one.

Remember that habits take time to change. Be patient with yourself and forgiving. You may not be able to perfectly implement a new habit right away; however, with consistent dedication, you will start to see the results of your fitness success with your new habit. Small habits, big changes — you can do it!