4 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Best Workouts During the Holidays

Best Workouts During the Holidays

With friends and family, holiday cheer, and guests from out of town, how can you possibly stick to getting that WOD in? It can be a challenge, but it is important. It will make you feel great, see your progress continue, and allow you to stick to your regular routine. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to stay consistent with working out during the holiday season.

Grab Your New Workout Gear

If your family knows you are into CrossFit, chances are you will receive some new workout gear or accessories as a gift this holiday season. Use this to motivate yourself to head to the box consistently throughout the holiday season. Grab your new gear and give it a whirl at your WOD. It is always fun to break in new workout equipment or wear your new t-shirt! Keep heading to your workouts for a guilt-free holiday season!

Save Room for Dessert

Use dessert as your motivation to workout. If you are struggling to find the motivation, remember that the more time you put in the gym, the less you will see the impacts of your temporary shift in eating habits due to the holidays. Sneak out before a party or dinner and sweat a little, making room for your favorite sweets and treats. You do not have to sacrifice all of your hard work and progress for the sake of eating your favorite foods. Simply keep up your routine and your results will be maintained throughout the holiday season!

Keep a Flexible Schedule

Because the holiday season can be unpredictable, it is important to keep your schedule flexible. Without having to be at work or school, you have more time to get in the gym and finish your WOD. Stick to the same number of weekly workouts you usually enjoy, but keep in mind that shifting the times or days will not be detrimental to your workout progress and allow you to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest!

Do What You Can

If you give a shot at all of the above tips and are struggling to get your WOD in, just remember to do what you can. If this means skipping the box and doing a quick 30 minute workout from home, this is not a bad thing! Every little bit counts and a small workout is better than no workout. Focus on enjoying quality time with friends and family and remember to quickly get back to your regular routine and burn off those extra holiday calories!