Banana Ice Cream

Sometimes you need something sweet but  don’t want to mess up your hard work at CrossFit.  We love banana icecream.  It is so easy.  The best part is that you don’t feel guilty because it is just bananas.



Ripe Bananas (4 bananas usually serves 2 people)


Let your bananas get ripe before using.  Peel the bananas and cut them into pieces.  Place the bananas in a freezer bag.  You want to let them freeze overnight before using.  We usually make several servings and keep it on hand in the freezer.  Once the bananas are frozen you can make banana ice cream.

Use a large food processor or powerful blender(We use the ninja).  Place the frozen bananas in the blender and pulse the blender until it turns into ice cream.  You may have to stop and stir it up one or two times.  The bananas will first turn into small pieces.  Then suddenly it turns into creamy, smooth ice cream.  Be patient because it take a few minutes for the magic to happen. Our kids love to help make banana ice cream.  You can also add whip cream and crushed pecans as a topping.