Back-to-School: 4 Tips for Staying on The Right Track With Your WOD’s

The kids are back to the books, which for you likely means early, busy mornings, chauffeuring the kids to soccer and football practice, and evenings filled with last-minute science projects. With the craziness that comes with the back-to-school season, it can be tough to adjust to a new schedule and stay on track with your fitness.


Thankfully, with new beginnings come new opportunities. Rather than seeing the back-to-school season as a challenge, see it as an opportunity to propel your fitness success and reach those goals you have been climbing towards.

1. WOD’s = Important Meeting

Your WOD’s are now the most important meeting in your schedule. Use this mindset to prioritize working out above other tasks. When you fail to prioritize working out, the little things tend to sneak up on you and continue coming ahead of your workouts. Even when you have little ones to take care of and a busy schedule at work, working out should be the most important task. Why? Because a healthy body is what makes all of the other tasks possible. You are your best self for being a parent, being an employee, being a friend, or being a husband or wife when your body is fueled with regular care.

2. Keep Track

Once the school year is in high gear, it can be easy to let the days and weeks fly by. To stick with your fitness goals, write down your progress and keep track. Keep track of the days that you show up and the days that you do not. This serves a dual purpose. Tracking when you are showing up will allow you to look back and see how much hard work you have put in, even when the desired results may not be visible yet. On the other hand, you can also see the days when you are struggling to show up. For example, if you continue to miss Tuesday’s workouts, ask yourself what is causing this. Then, you can either adjust your schedule accordingly or make a change that enables you to start showing up, even on the tough days.

3. Team Up

Find someone who operates on a similar schedule as you do and team up with them. For example, maybe you both take the kids to the same school and want to plan your workouts accordingly. Having the accountability of someone who can relate to the challenges of the back-to-school season you are in will help you both stay on track with your fitness goals. If your accountability partner is not yet part of the CrossFit Gardendale family, have them join the Beginners On-Ramp program, so they can soon begin jumping into the regular WOD’s with you!

4. Try Something New

Do not be afraid to play around with a few different scheduling options when you are first getting into the swing of things. What you did in the summer or last school year may not work now, so be flexible until you can get a solid routine down. Seek out new opportunities that you may not have had over the summer to get your workouts in. Think: during the school day or while your kids are at their after school activities. Find what works for you during this season and stick to it!