1. No more scale Obsession.

I no longer obsess over a number on the scale! I used to start my day by stepping on the scales. I would look at that number and think if I was only so many pounds less I would be happy with my body. I let this number control the way I thought about my body! No more! I now weigh approximately 4 times a year! Two of those times are the start and end of CrossFit Gardendale’s 40 Day Challenge. The other 2 are because my doctors insist on weighing me before they will see me! It’s a relief to no longer obsess over that number.

I know as long as I train and feed my body the way I am suppose to that number in my life will take care of itself. I have now weighed the same for 3 years and thanks to CrossFit I wear 3 pant sizes smaller!

2. Confidence.

I walk into a room with a little more confidence. CrossFit makes you walk a little taller, even if you are only 5’0″ tall! CrossFit gives you the confidence that you can tackle any task that might be presented to you. I no longer dwell on what I cannot do in my life. Even when I am facing a very difficult task, I approach it with my shoulders held high and with the attitude of “I CAN DO THIS”!

3. Patience.

Many of us want instant results and we want them now. I was no exception to this when I started CrossFit. With the ever-changing world of instant gratification it is hard to be patient. Just like life, CrossFit is a world made up of so many skills that it is impossible to learn them all without patience. However, CrossFit does allow you to see results in a relatively short amount of time compared to other fitness programs. These results keep you coming back and makes you realize to be the best you, patience is key.

4. Community.

I realized in my very first CrossFit WOD that I was not in this alone. I realized that this CrossFit community actually cared about each other. It is truly the sport where the loudest cheers are for the person that finishes last. It is not a community of “ME” attitudes it is a community of “WE” attitudes. “WE” are going to get through this challenging WOD. “WE” are going to figure out the best way to tackle it and in the end become stronger together. “WE” are going to support each other and take care of each other.

It is a community like no other and I cannot imagine my life without my CrossFit community, especially my CrossFit Gardendale family!

5. Independence through Strength.

I have always been an independent person. However, before CrossFit I was physically weak. I could rarely open a jar without help and the thought of lifting anything made me cringe. CrossFit has provided me with the strength in my life to do things by myself. I can open jars without help, I can move the majority of items in my home without help and I can carry my 48 pound 4 year old without breaking a sweat.

I was not expecting this type of benefit from CrossFit when I started, however it is benefit that I use every day of my life! CrossFit gives you the tools to make your life better!

6. Acceptance of my Body.

I am not really sure I ever knew exactly what I wanted out of a fitness routine. Every time I started a new routine I was asked this question, “What are you hoping to accomplish?”. My answer was always the same, “I want to lose weight and tone up”.

I tried many fitness routines. I ran long distance, hired personal trainers and tried group fitness classes at a local community center and no matter what I did I still was not happy with my body. In fact, plain and simple I hated it! I never wore shorts and I hated the thought of putting on a bathing suit!

After 6 short weeks of CrossFit, adopting the Paleo diet and attending class regularly 3 times a week my body was finally changing for the first time in my life! At the moment I stopped focusing on being skinny and focused on getting stronger, I started to see my body change in ways that I never thought was possible. Four years later, I have learned to embrace my body. In fact, I love my body, imperfections and all for the first time in my life.

I no longer sigh at the thought of bathing suit season, in fact, I say, “Bring it On”, I know my body is ready for it! Just like it is ready to tackle any challenging WOD that might be thrown at me at any moment.

CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways. This post is just a sampling of how it has changed me. One of the many benefits of being a coach at CrossFit Gardendale is to see how CrossFit changes the lives of all of our athletes. I think I am safe in saying that every day and together as a family we grow, Happier, Healthier, Stronger, Patient, Accepting, Independent, Confident and more Capable human beings than “WE” ever thought possible.