6 Tips You Can Use to Quit Drinking Soda and Diet Soda

Quit Drinking Soda

Why Quit Drinking Soda? Did you know that each can of Coca-Cola is 140 calories? And that it has 39g of sugar? It also has no protein, no vitamin D, no potassium, no calcium, and no iron.

Okay, you probably already know that soda is not the healthiest beverages on the market, but it can be quite challenging to quit. Follow the guide below to quit drinking soda and diet soda for good!

1. Give Yourself a “Why”

This is a great starting point for any habit you are working to develop. What is your “why” or your reasoning? Why do you want to quit drinking soda? Maybe you want to feel better throughout the day or you do not need the caffeine. Maybe you want to stop consuming so many calories in your beverages or you want to be healthier to reach your strength goals. Find your reason — it can be one or multiple — and use this to fuel your goal of quitting soda once and for all.

2. Stock Up On Alternatives

Reduce the temptation of grabbing a soda by having alternatives on hand. The next time you feel like having a soda, reach for the alternative instead. Flavored or sparkling water are great alternatives, especially because they can almost feel like drinking soda. Other options include a nut milk or cup of tea.

3. Cut Back

Cut back instead of cutting it out at first. Quitting soda cold turkey can be a big task, especially if it is a habit you have had for a long time. Instead of cutting it all out, aim to only have one soda per day or only enjoy it on weekends or when out with friends. This is a great way to get closer towards your goals and get used to the alternatives, without having to worry about not enjoying soda at all.

4. Get Accountability

You are likely not alone in your goal of quitting soda. Whether it is your partner, co-worker, or friend, find someone you can have accountability to. Each day, check in with each other and see how it is going. Having to tell someone every time you give in and drink a soda may help you think twice before cracking another can open.

5. Identify the “Trigger”

When do you drink the soda? Is it because you are feeling tired in the afternoon and need a pick-me-up? Or maybe you reach for one every time you are stressed. Figure out what your “trigger” is or what causes you to want a soda. By being aware of what triggers you to crave soda, you can then change the habit.

6. Replace the Habit

Once you have identified what triggers your soda-drinking habits, replace it. If stress is what is causing you to drink soda, for example, find something else that can relieve your stress. Maybe it is a short walk outside or taking a few deep breaths. Not only will this help you quit drinking soda, but it may also help you develop a new, positive habit!