5 Tips To Workout On Vacation

Workout On Vacation: Taking a vacation means escaping from work, stress, and the day-to-day routine. This does not mean you have to (or should) skip out on your workouts. In fact, vacation is one of the best times to challenge your body and get great workouts in, because you have more free time and you are able to allow your body to rest fully each night. Follow these tips to fit in some solid workouts while you enjoy your workouts.

Work With What You Got

Workout On Vacation

Get creative with your workouts. You will likely not have access to all of the equipment you normally use at CrossFit Gardendale, but at a minimum, you have your body. Bodyweight exercises are no joke. Increase the reps and get creative with benches and ledges found nearby to challenge your body with a different kind of exercise.

Plan Workouts In Your Itinerary

Just like in your day-to-day routine, if you do not plan for it, it likely will not happen. This is especially important if the kind of vacation you are taking is more on-the-go than relaxing on a beach. In addition to all of the sightseeing, eating, and shopping you plan to do, make time for your workouts. Maybe this is in the morning before everyone else gets up or maybe it is in the middle of the day. Find a time that works for your itinerary and schedule it in.

Pack the Essentials

Think of what equipment you can bring that will help improve your experience. You may not be able to fit in a bench, barbell, and heavy plates into your luggage, but do you have resistance bands? Or maybe a jump rope? Just these small accessories can make a big difference in giving you variety when it comes to working out wherever your vacation takes you. Also, do not forget to bring workout clothes and sneakers!

Try Something New

Whether it is a CrossFit location at your destination, a yoga class at your resort, a soulcycle class in a city, or simply running by the beach or through the town you are staying in, vacation is a great time to try something new. Who knows, you may even discover a new kind of fitness that you can incorporate into your regular routine upon your return.

Change Your Expectations

Remember that you are on vacation. While you may not get the pump you normally get at home, something is better than nothing. Make it your goal to simply be active everyday, but do not set too many expectations for yourself and just enjoy your time! When you return, you will be refreshed and ready to challenge your body at CFG.