5 Things Everyone Should Know About CFG

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About CFG: I’m writing this as I sit in Deer Valley, Utah after a day of skiing.  We came in a little early to watch Bowl Games.  Today I have eaten a huge breakfast, lunch that included a brownie and I just made Rotel Dip.  This is just the icing on the cake of over indulgence that I have engaged in this holiday season.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because it starts off the number one item of 5 Things Everyone Should Know About CFG.  Here we go:

1. The Box will always forgive you.

Haven’t shown up in a week or two?  Doesn’t matter, the box will forgive you.  Have you been eating like you’re 16 and skinny?  The Box still loves you.  CFG is like the dog you grew up with.  Even when you were a teenager and didn’t make as much time as you should for your beloved pet, he still loved you.  CFG does too.  Each day is a new day so set a goal and start fresh.  (That’s what I’m doing as soon as I get home from vacation!!!)

2. CFG is the answer to whatever is ailing you.

Bad day?  Go to the Box.  Feeling like a failure after a test, project, report?  Go to the Box.  Have your kids been screaming at each other and forcing you to scream at them?  Leave them at home (supervised, of course) and head straight to CFG.  Just by finishing a WOD you become an instant success.  I like to think superhero capes appear on all our backs as we walk out the door after a WOD.  When something goes wrong in your day just remember that you can lift more than the guy seated next to you in the office!

3. CFG is like a marriage – you have to show up!

My Mom told me before my wedding that marriage was like a job.  For it to be successful you have to show up every day.  CFG is the same.  Show up as much as you can.  I get it; some weeks are hard.  Holidays are busy.  Just show up.  If you only get there one day one week, make a goal to double it the next.  Just keep showing up and eventually you’ll find that you can make your schedule work for you.

4. CFG is a testament to the Golden Rule: what goes around, comes around.

Not in a bad way, in a VERY good way.  When you cheer others on, they do the same for you.  When you help someone put their gear up, you’ll find a willing hand the next time you’re moving slow after a WOD.  CFG has created an environment where the Box is full of givers.  Everyone here wants to encourage each other and help those around them reach their goals.  I was struggling with HSPUs. One member who I’ve gotten to be friends with happened to be next to me during the WOD.  When we finished, he took the time to walk me through what I was doing wrong and encouraged me by telling me he knew I’d get it right the next time.  I’m telling you, this place is special!  Which leads to my last point:

5.  CFG is a family.

You can walk in and not know a single soul.  You’ll make a friend the first day, I promise.  They notice when you’re out for a few days.  They’ll check on you.  They’ll ask where you’ve been when they see you in the grocery store.  This place is like the family you’ve never had but always wanted and you don’t have to shop for them at Christmas!

CFG is not your typical gym and it’s not your typical workout.  Carrie and Chad have created something unique here and I’m just glad they let me in the door even when I’ve been absent for a while.  If you are already a CFG member then you know how true these things are.  If you aren’t, just try it.  I’ll be back in there next week working off Thanksgiving, Christmas and vacation.  So come on in and stand next to me.  I’ll keep you entertained while I harass Carrie about all the wall balls and burpees.  See you next week, CFG!


~Katie Tucker Crommelin