4 Steps to Take Care of Your Hands for Your Workouts

Take Care of Your Hands: When it comes to your CrossFit workout, we talk a lot about the importance of what you eat, how often you workout, and consistency to drive success. Taking care of your hands is an often overlooked aspect of your fitness and can contribute to your success. When you do not take care of your hands, you risk not being able to perform each exercise at your best. Follow these steps to ensure your hands are well cared for and ready to boost your performance.

Take Care of Your Hands

1. Do Not Use Too Much Chalk

While chalk can be helpful to prevent losing grip or your hands slipping when sweaty from a workout, it also has its downsides. Using too much chalk can increase the chances of getting tears in your hands. This can easily be prevented by either reducing the amount you use or cutting back and using chalk only with certain exercises. You may be surprised to realize that you do not need a ton of chalk to help improve your grip and perform the entire exercise.

2. File Down Calluses

With regular workouts, your calluses can build up. This is actually a good thing as calluses can help protect your hands against the wear it feels from lifting. Filing down your calluses is a great way to keep them maintained and working to your benefit. Do this on a regular basis to maintain your hands and keep them in the best condition for maximizing every workout.

3. Use Tape or Grips

In addition to not using too much chalk and filing down your calluses, using tape or grips are another great solution you can use. These are a great way to keep your hands feeling comfortable and supported, while avoiding the downsides of excessive chalk usage or the need to manage your calluses.

4. Care for Them at Home

Taking care of your hands at home is also a great way to unwind from a tough workout or prepare for your next WOD. Moisturizing can help repair sores or dry hands can also be very relaxing and relieving. The next time your hands are feeling rough or tired from a workout, try moisturizing them with a hydrating lotion or cream.

When you take care of your hands, you are ensuring that every aspect of your body is prepared and in its best shape for tackling your next WOD. Do not let dry or sore hands hinder your fitness success. Instead, use the steps you just learned to take care of your hands and maximize your workout performance.