3 Must Know CrossFit Tips for Beginners

CrossFit Tips for Beginners: Jump-start your CrossFit career with these tips that will set you up for years of success to come. Whether you already started or have been thinking about joining, these can be incorporated any day or any time, so you do not have to wait for Monday morning or the beginning of a new month to begin putting these tips into action. Take a look and get started boosting the success of your CrossFit Gardendale experience:

CrossFit Tips for Beginners

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Every accomplishment you have is worth celebrating! Whether it is an accomplishment on the scale or making it to your WOD two weeks in a row, celebrate the little things and use these as motivation to keep pushing you forward. Many times, beginners will compare their accomplishments to those who have been doing CrossFit for years. Avoid doing this! Compare your accomplishments only to your previous self and watch how far you progress. It is very exciting and rewarding.

Learn Proper Form

Now is the time to focus on form over building strength and adding weight. When you learn how to do each and every exercise with proper form, you set a foundation for the rest of your years to come. This is very important because it allows you to maximize the amount of weight you can lift and helps you prevent injuries. It is much easier to learn proper form when you first start than to try to unlearn bad form. Thankfully, the coaches at CrossFit Gardendale are more than happy to help you as you are just starting out.

Not only can the coaches and other CrossFitters offer pointers to improve and perfect your form, but video recording yourself doing each exercise is a great way to see what you are doing currently and identify ways to improve. When you are doing an exercise yourself, it is hard to visualize how you look in action. A video allows you to slow it down, pause it as necessary, and determine the best ways to perfect your form.

Set Goals

From the beginning, you can use goal setting to motivate yourself and continually push yourself to be your best self when working out. These goals can vary, but should all be centered around your personal values and desired outcomes. Do you want to lose weight? Instead of focusing on the scale, focus on pants sizes, for example. This is a great way to see your waistline slimming and is actually very rewarding! Want to get stronger? Identify a weight you would like to be able to bench or squat. Then, work towards it.

Find ways to reward yourself when you reach your goals. That pants size you reached? Splurge on a new pair of jeans that fits your new size. The new PR you got? Grab a coffee with a friend as a reward for your hard work. As a beginner, you will begin to see how these goals can help push you and motivate you, even when things get tough or on the days you do not want to come in to do your WOD.