10 Goals You Need to Set for 2019


When thinking about the new year, many individuals are considering the goals and changes they want to make. 2019 is the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start and change your habits. We are challenging you to try setting these 10 goals for next year. Create one goal for each or set multiple if you are feeling up to it!

1. Creative Goal – Start with a creative goal. This can be something that you do not normally see or hear of. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box and set a goal that is unusual.

2. Goal That Scares You – Push the boundaries of your comfort level and choose at least one goal that scares you. Once you reach your goal, you will experience a boost of confidence and pride in what you have achieved.

3. Repeat Goal – Life happens. We often set goals, achieve them, and lose our progress somewhere along the way. Embrace it! Find a goal that you have achieved in the past and make it your goal to work towards it again. The end result will be equally as rewarding and as a bonus, you already know you can achieve the goal, so why not do it again?

4. Goal For You – Find a goal that you can do for yourself. What would improve your life? What would you like to change? Set a goal that is just for you — think of the best thing you could do for yourself this upcoming year and go for it!

5. Just-For-Fun Goal – Goals are not all work, no play. Pick a goal that is just for fun, something you can enjoy doing while working towards your end goal. Do not only consider the end results here, think about doing something you truly love doing.

6. Partner Goal – Pick a partner and set a goal together. Working towards a goal is always more fun when you are doing it with someone else. Whether it is your spouse or a friend, team up and attack a common goal together this year.

7. Right Now Goal – Though it is the season for setting year-long goals, think of at least one goal you can accomplish today or this week. Having a goal that you accomplish immediately is a great way to get the ball rolling on all of your goals and get a boost of confidence right away.

8. Year Long Goal – Focus on a goal that you can gradually work towards throughout this year. Maybe this is a new daily habit you would like to incorporate or something that will take some time to achieve. Come December 2019, you will look back with satisfaction with how far you have come throughout the course of the year.

9. Goal You Need – Some goals are things you want to achieve and others are things you need to achieve. What is something that you feel is a need to improve your life? This is a great goal to work towards, as you will both improve your life and feel accomplished when you reach the goal.

10. Small Change, Big Difference Goal – Finally, select a goal that is a small change but will make a big difference. This can be a bit challenging to think of, but is actually one of the easiest goals to accomplish once you make your new change a habit. For example, maybe you wake up 30 minutes earlier each day to make a clean breakfast before work — a small change that makes a big difference.

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