We are your fitness Community & Family in Gardendale


Support every step of the way: That’s what you’ll find at CrossFit Gardendale. You’ll grow stronger and healthier and gain confidence as you become part of a community that cheers you on and celebrates your success. You won’t find contracts or judgment or silly exercise fads. You will find great training, great people, and a CrossFit experience that works.

At CrossFit Gardendale, we believe in building community as we are building our fitness. We support Gardendale and the surrounding area with events like the Mud Duck Run, which benefits Cornerstone Ranch, and the Gridiron Games, which benefits the Miracle League of Gardendale and the Raymond G. Doss Playground of Miracles. We also co-founded the Tuesday Night Run Club hosted at Buffalo Wild Wings in Gardendale and proudly support the North Jefferson Food Pantry and the Just Keep Smiling Foundation.

CrossFit teaches us that we’re stronger when we work together. That’s true in the box, and it’s true in our lives and communities as well.


To create a fitness Community that is focused on helping others for a healthier lifestyle.

Help each local Family by empowering and educating them about the benefits of fitness.

To better the health of those in Gardendale and the surrounding area.

CrossFit Gardendale

The foundational fitness service we offer at CrossFit Gardendale is for adults of all ages and abilities. Once you’ve signed up with us for membership, you can sign up for any of our many unique classes and activities throughout the week. 

Jennifer Ragsdale

"Coaches encourage and push you daily! Classes are programmed with the perfect balance of weights and cardio. The new facility is AMAZING! Love Crossfit Gardendale and all the friendships made!"

Brandon Bailey

"It is the best part of my day. The anticipation of the workout, the excitement of friendly faces, the not-so-subtle encouragement from the coaches. I came for the workout but stayed for the family. The friendships were rekindled, and new friendships were forged. This is where I want to be every day. This is my Community, this is my Family. This is CFG"

Abigail Bradford

"CFG has been my home for 4 years now- maybe 5 (time flies when you’re having fun) and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made physically, mentally, and socially. Not only do I gain physically in the CFG building but I’ve gained something that I’ll never lose- relationships. 💚"

Kathy Casaday

"Great coaches, great atmosphere, cleanest place around!"


Alongside our adult fitness classes, we also offer dedicated space and time for younger fitness fans. Designed for ages 7 to 12, our CrossFit Gardendale Kids schedule is designed to help children perform at their best and gain valuable future fitness skills. Check out our upcoming classes:



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CFG Coaches


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Barbara Patmon


Jamie Bensko


Lane Barber


Stephen Allen


Jay Beard


Brent Cooper


Jennifer Crocker


Carrie Cotney